Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Don't Panic

If you're a regular reader of this blog, don't worry --

I haven't suddenly changed the format to M/m.

In true movie fashion, both Hollywood and (in this case) Foreign, this is actually a woman disguised as a boy for plot reasons that my mind refuses to remember.  My mind also refuses to come up with the title of the film, although I'm sure some of my readers out there could supply these details.  If I remember correctly, the lady in the movie does this to spy on her ex-husband and his new girlfriend (don't hold me to that, though.)  When the "boy" throws a bit of a tantrum, she discovers that her ex-husband firmly believes that bad boys get spanked, much to her (and her bottom's) dismay.

The same thing happened to Doris Day in the movie, On Moonlight Bay...

Now, to be fair, Doris wasn't deliberately disguising herself as a boy--this was just the uniform she wore when she played baseball.  And to her spanker's credit, he figured out after one swat that she was a girl.  (Doris must have had a very soft bottom.)

The moral of this story (if it really has one) is:  Ladies, don't dress up like boys.  We like you much better when you wear that fancy, pretty, frilly, frou-frou kind of stuff.

It's less confusing for us.  :-)


Anonymous said...

Well, so far I found that this is a Hungarian production called "Johnny" (or the Hungarian equivalent thereof). Cute spankee no matter how she's dressed.

Dave Wolfe said...

I've actually seen both of those movies! Or the important clip from the first. In my youth, I thought Doris had a delightfully spankable bottom, and wondered why nobody but David Niven, for one pat in "Please Don't Eat the Daisies," got to take on-screen advantage! Then someone shared a pic from "On Moonlight Bay," and I dashed to the video store (it was the nineties.)

Dr. Ken said...

Anonymous -- Thanks for the research!

Dave Wolfe -- Same here. I've seen a clip of the first one on the "Cinema Swats" compilation, and the second one on TV. I always thought Doris Day would make a good spankee. Thie one-whacker is all we have, sadly.