Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Bit Feisty

A surprising number of women these days are eager and willing to go OTK for any number of reasons.

Not all of them, though.....as this old JANUS cartoon laughingly illustrates....


Enzo said...

This is an interesting illustration to say the least. There are many details I like about it and some I simply don't get.

- the dialing for help while being spanked
- the chart on the wall
- the panties nailed to the carpet !
(I am guessing it is carpet based on the crunching from her heels)

What I Don't Get
- how exactly did he manage to nail her panties to the carpet while spanking her?
- the gender of the spanker
- did the spankee give him/her a black eye and a cut on the forehead and thus the reason for her spanking or did that occur during the spanking
- is she a maid? That skirt looks like it might be.

Sorry about the overanalyzing comments.

Dr. Ken said...

Enzo -- The drawing, I think, is strictly for laughs--thus the touches like the panties nailed to the floor. Don't over-analyze, just enjoy in this case...