Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Forever In Blue Jeans

Most spankers are not big fans of blue jeans.

Mind you, they may very well enjoy wearing them.  They just hate to see them being worn by someone they intend to spank.  Denim is seen as a tough old fabric, providing too much protection for a spankee's bottom and being rough on the spanker's palm.  That's the perception, anyway.

The truth is that it all depends on the type of denim.  Some of it is actually very soft--hardly the chain-mail like protection some spankers believe it to be.  And if the jeans are snug and tight fitting, it really is like a second skin, and the spankee will feel every smack.

If you still feel like your hand is wearing out, you can always switch to a handy implement to deliver the sort of impact you want.

All in all, however, the best move when faced with someone wearing blue jeans is also the most obvious --

1 comment:

Enzo said...

Denim is still pretty hard on the spankers palm I must say. That is why I believe jeggings were created!