Friday, July 18, 2014

The Curse Of SpellCheck

++++A Chross  "Spanking Of The Week"++++

"Ms. Reynolds, you have a computer.  It can check your spelling for you.  There will be NO-MORE-TYPOS.........EVER!"


Anonymous said...

big mistake she wore red stockings and panties that that there's a handsome bloke in the backround watching!

Anonymous said...

Excellent etching, would have been more intriguing, if a there was a shocked female on-looker.

Dr. Ken said...

Anonymous -- I'm sure when she chose the red garments she wasn't anticipating a spanking that day. Any spankee will tell you, wearing red when a spanking is due is a big mistake!

Anonymous -- There is a male on-looker. Why would a female on-looker be more intriguing?