Monday, June 2, 2014

No Headache--Same Reaction

There used to be on old TV commercial--we're talking back in the 50's or maybe even 60's--which featrued two women, a mother and a daughter,  in a kitchen.  The add was for Bayer Aspirin, I think.  The younger woman is cooking something, as I recall, and the older woman tries to help, but the younger woman is suffering from a bad headache and snaps at her, saying, "Mother, PLEASE!  I'd rather do it MYSELF!"  At which point, the Mother should have picked up a wooden spoon and walloped the daylights out of her, but instead a voice-over announcer says, "Headache?  Don't take it out on her.  Try.(whatever the product was)."

I don't have a headache, but I have a somewhat similar reaction when I see pictures or drawings of so-called spanking machines--

"Inventor, please!  I'd rather do it myself!"


Anonymous said...

Actually it was Anacin - looked it up.

There were another half dozen other commercials from Anacin with a similar theme.

Rob from NY

Dr. Ken said...

Rob -- Nice job of research! Thanks for finding that out.