Thursday, June 19, 2014

Applied Psychology

A spanking for a naughty woman (and even a not-so-naughty woman) is usually effective on a number of levels.  It pushes all the right buttons, so to speak, the main ones being physical, emotional and mental.  One effective technique that gets into the spankee's head is to make them hold the spanking implement while you first warm up their bottom with your hand....

The next step is to have them hand you the implement which you then apply to their upturned backside.  (That's why it's called "applied psychology".)  :-)

(artwork by Sassy Bottoms)


smuccatelli said...

Ah, Sassy Bottoms... Wonder whatever happened to her/him?

Anonymous said...

I still have most, if not all, of Sassy Bottoms' publications in my extensive archive, which I must purge one day, but simply haven't as yet got around to. I especially love the "Wendy" drawings you have
posted here. Can I interest you in
a generous shipment of Nu-West and Leda videos? I pay freight! :-)

Dr. Ken said...

smuccatelli -- I'm generally not privy to that sort of information. I've heard the same stories or rumors as everybody, I suppose, one of which stated that the artist had passed on. I've no idea it that's true or not.

Anonymous -- no, thank you. I have little enough space as is. :-)