Sunday, May 25, 2014

Silent Sunday

(First photo--Playboy Cover)
(Second photo--bottom Uncovered)
(Third photo--Northern Spanking, perhaps?)
(Fourth photo--an old favorite, source unknown, probably a spanking magazine)
(Last photo--Belinda-- Spank Me Hard Before You "Go-Go"--Carlisle)

And one more Bettie Page....

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smuccatelli said...

Some nice pics, Doc. The Playboy cover (with "Wonder Woman") also mentions Rachel Bilson. Did you know she wore a WW costume for her boyfriend's birthday present on the TV show "The O.C."? Or was that the point of the pic?

Number four is one I've seen many many times. Don't know where it came from but there are others in the "series". You can't see his hand in this pic but I'm pretty sure he has a lexan paddle in his hand.

I remember that Belinda Carlisle pic from her Playboy shoot. I was VERY pleasantly surprised to see her nude...