Monday, May 5, 2014

Just My Opinion

There are a couple of little things I don't like about Tumbler.

Don't get me wrong, I visit a lot of Tumbler sites, especially those that have to do with spanking.  There are some really wonderful blogs that use Tumbler that I have bookmarked as "favorites", so don't mistake this as an anti-Tumbler rant.  It's not.  But I do have just a few quibbles.

Probably the main thing I don't care is the proprietary nature.  Every picture that gets posted there, it seems, gets renamed.  I'm not big on renaming posts.  If the original post was called, "Weapon_of_ass_destruction", for example, post it on Tumbler and it becomes "tumblr_mox8827190qyw3841zst038145" or some such nonsense.  I prefer the original title.  Whoever first posted the picture gave it that name, and I just feel that the original name should be honored.  Any kind of renaming usually means that I have 4 copies of the same picture in my archives, all with different titles.  It's annoying.

The other thing I don't like--and again, it's just a minor thing--is all that "reblogging".

One site puts up a very nice picture.  Okay, good for them.  By the end of the day, 100 other Tumbler sites have copied the picture and put it up on their own site.  Which means, as I go from favorite Tumbler site to favorite Tumber site, I see the same damn picture 100 times in the course of X number of hours.  I visit different sites in order to see different content, not run into the same picture time after time.  (On the plus side, Tumbler does do a nice job of telling you who liked the picture and who reblogged it from whom, and you easily track down the original source.  I can't even do that with the archived pictures I use here!)

Okay, I'm off the soapbox.  Tumbler, as I said, is host to a number of wonderful blogs and sites, and I visit there as often as everybody else.  As I said, there were just a couple of things that kind of got to me.

Now, having ranted about it--I'm going to do a "reblog" of my own.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't want to post a picture that so recently appeared elsewhere.  I'd rather dig through my own archives and post something that maybe hadn't seen the light of day in a while.  And there's always the chance that, as old as a picture or drawing might be, the person viewing the blog is fairly new to the spanking world and hasn't seen it before.

But I found this picture a few days ago on the site About Spankings (you can find them in my blog roll, it's a great site for pictures), and I enjoyed it and thought it was too good not to share.  Thanks to About Spankings for originally posting it!

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Hermione said...

Dr. Ken, I agree with you about reblogging. I hate seeing the same picture everywhere.