Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Two-Page Problem

Many times a spanking picture or drawing is splashed over two pages of a magazine.  This creates a problem for anyone trying to scan the picture.  Trying to flatten the magazine still usually leaves a notable crease in the middle of the picture.  Cutting the two pages out and then trying to join them can often leave a very noticeable seam in the picture, especially if the two pages later don't join up properly.  That's what has happened here in an otherwise very nice spanking illustration...

I'm sure someone, somewhere has a better copy of this picture--without the split between the pages--but I haven't come across it yet.  If I do, you can bet I'll download it for the archives!


Hermione said...

Dr. Ken - It really doesn't look all that bad. Maybe if you are handy with photoshop, you could blacken in the seam.


Anonymous said...

it looks good ,maybe from Corporal mag.