Friday, March 21, 2014

Looks Effective

I was at a recent Hanky Spanky party, sitting in the living room on a sofa next to two wonderful ladies.  There was an ottoman placed in the center of the room, and we noted that it would be a good spot for a spanking to take place.  The lady on my left noted that where we were sitting was an advantageous spot no matter how the participants positioned themselves.  We'd either have a good look at the spanking end of things, or we'd have a good look at the spankee's face.

I wholeheartedly agreed.  I've said this in the past, and I'll say it again--watching the face of the person being spanked is almost as much fun as watching the spanking itself.  The expression tells you everything.  I often wish I could see the facial reaction of the lady that's over my knee.  Spanking her lovely bottom takes all my attention, of course, but I do sometimes wish there was a well-placed mirror handy so I could see what's going on at the other end.

This photo is a case in point.  It's got all the elements of a good spanking photo.  Good positioning, good camera angle, you can see both the spanker and the spankee, the spanker looks like she means business and knows what she is doing and the spankee's bottom looks like it's getting the attention it deserves.  But what really makes the picture is the expression of the lady being spanked.  If she were smiling, or laughing, or looking bored, or looked like the spanking wasn't bothering her one bit--the picture is ruined.  Her pained expression, on the other hand, tells you that she's being spanked quite effectively--and that makes this a very effective picture!


Hermione said...

I agree, the facial expression is so important. I've seen many photos that were spoiled by the bored look on spankee's face.

I once saw a short video of a girl getting ten paddle swats. She had to count out loud, and the entire video was shot with the camera pointing directly at her face. You couldn't see her bottom; only the paddle coming down behind her. It was lovely.


Unknown said...

I agree also but this is another old picture but a good one. Since you are like me the older spanking pictures seem a lot more redl than today's do. Maybe the spanking community should rethink who they spank, how they're dressed and add variety

Anonymous said...

THe girl spanking is giving sound spanks to the other girls botty .