Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Just Plain Evil

Back on February 13th, I put up a post showing a cover of a copy of "The Spencer Spanking Plan".  I didn't really have anything to say about the plan, but the illustration on the cover was one that I used as my profile photo during this blog's first year.  During the early years, I changed the profile photo each time my blogiversary came around before finally settling on the current profile drawing of a Doctor of Spankology.

The following drawing is one that I thought about using in my profile.  I couldn't decide between it and another drawing, and I finally asked for the readers to make the choice.                                                      

Well, the readers were almost totally against it.  While I was focused on the spankee and that nasty looking hairbrush aimed at her upturned backside, the readers pointed out that the expression on the man's face was very off-putting.  I believe it was called, "Evil", "Sadistic", and in at least one instance, "Demonic".

Since I am none of those things (at least, I hope no lady that I've spanked thinks I am), I decided to not use it, and chose another drawing.  I forget which one.  Heck, it might have been the Spencer Spanking Plan drawing again.  I know I've used it twice in the profile....

Since I enjoy everything else the drawing has to offer, I'm posting it here again.  Just ignore the look on his face, if you can....I know the lady being spanked isn't thinking about his expression at all!


Hermione said...

Hi Dr. Ken,

They are both in robes and slippers. Is this a bedtime spanking? Or did he get up bright and early to give her the spanking that he promised her yesterday she would get? Did she lie awake all night worrying about it?

I like the picture.


Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--I'm not sure why, exactly, but my impression is that it's a bedtime spanking. Evil expression on his face or not, I would hope he didn't tell her, "I'll spank you first thing in the morning" and then have her worrying about it all night. The woman needs her sleep to make it through the next day!

No, a good spanking before bed to clear the air, then some hugs and kisses before turning in--that's a much better idea!

Anonymous said...

the biggest negative for me is that the hairbrush is turned the wrong way.

Dr. Ken said...

Anonymous -- Actually, it's not. He's just pulled it back so far that the bristle side of the brush is visible. When he swings it on the downward arc, it's the flat side that will connect with her bottom.