Thursday, March 6, 2014

A New Addition

Since she was kind enough to leave a comment on my "The Spank Of Araby" post, I thought I'd add Autumn's blog, A Spanking Story, to the blog roll.  Be sure to go check it out.  Leave her a comment, or just say, "Hi".  And tell her Dr. Ken sent you.  You can also tell her that her husband needs to give her a good spanking--that's probably true, as well.  :-)

These random vintage photos are NOT of Autumn, nor are they from her blog--I just thought I'd post them to liven things up a bit....


Autumn said...

Hey, thanks for the plug! I would be a little frightened if you DID have vintage pictures to post of me, but I don't mind my blog being associated with them. Where do you get all the pics?

Also, you're right that my husband needs to spank me, but he is gone for the whole week :(

Dr. Ken said...

Autumn--You're very welcome, and you're an excellent addition to the Blog roll. No, I don't have any vintage pictures of you--of course, if you want to send me some....LOL

The pics are the result of many years of browsing the internet and downloading spanking newsgroups starting back around 1998 or somewhere in there. The "spankable bottom" photos are much easier to find. I have thousands of them, so I'm not running out of material any time soon!