Friday, December 13, 2013

Taylor Swift--Maybe....?

Singer/songwriter Taylor Swift is not one to sit back and rest on her laurels.

Making albums, touring, making guest appearances here and there to promote her songs, writing and creating new material...she seems like the sort of person who has several plans in the air and is always looking to the next new project.

It was mentioned recently that one of those possible future projects might have her starring in a biopic of Joni Mitchell.

This is of interest to us, of course, because in his recent book, Graham Nash told of turning Joni over his knee and giving her a spanking.  It sounds, in fact, like it may have happened more than once.

So, if the biopic does get made, and if Taylor Swift does in fact play the starring role--might there be a mainstream on-screen spanking scene in Taylor's future?

We can only hope....


Enzo said...

Well Dr. Ken,
I would have said no to the on-screen spanking possibility originally, but hen base don what I saw on the televised VS show recently, perhaps....

(BTW, have you seen my recent post coincidentally also about Taylor?

Dr. Ken said...

Enzo--I hadn't seen the Victoria's Secret show or your post on it, but I hurried over to your blog to check it out. Good work!