Monday, November 25, 2013

Another Swat On "The Big Bang Theory"

Those who watched The Big Bang Theory on Nov. 21st once again saw Sheldon (Jim Parsons) give his girlfriend Amy (Mayim Bialik) a good solid swat to her backside.

It's Thanksgiving, and Sheldon is being forced to spend the day at the home of his friends, Howard and Bernadette.  He's not looking forward to it, but he actually winds up having a good time watching the football game and drinking beer (lots of beer) with Bernadette's dad.  The alcohol has them both pleasantly plastered, to put it mildly, but ignoring everybody else, including Howard, who feels somewhat hurt by it.

This finally leads to a confrontation as Bernadette storms out of the kitchen, followed by Howard and Amy, and lets them know they've hurt Howard's feelings and should apologize to him.  Sheldon at first laughs it off, but then Amy walks over to him and tells him he's being rude.  This finally gets through to him, and he stands up next to Amy and says that he has had alcohol and has acted inappropriately and apologizes.  The apology is accepted.

Sheldon then looks at Amy and announces to everyone, "Isn't she great?"  Amy is a little flustered by the compliment, but smiles.  Sheldon then tells her to run off and get them a few more beers--and, to get her going, gives her a big smack on the bottom!

Amy heads for the kitchen.....but as she goes, she starts to get a big, big smile on her face!  It's a cute moment, and it plays nicely off of the spanking that happened on the show earlier in the year.  It happens near the end of the show.  If you get the chance, go watch it!


Anonymous said...

That was a great scene and Amy did have a great smile after the smack.

smuccatelli said...

Saw it! And was instantly transported to the earlier episode where Sheldon spanked Amy OTK. It was quite brief but fun...

Dr. Ken said...

pj--she certainly did! I think Amy is a secret spanko... :-)

smuccatelli -- I like that they're consistent with it. Amy certainly seemed to enjoy her earlier spanking. It only makes sense that she should enjoy this one-whacker as well.