Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Spanking In Progress?

It certainly looks like the one lady is getting ready to deliver a swat while the other lady kicks in protest.  Or maybe that's not a kick, maybe she's trying to run away.  You can't really tell from one photo.  So, is this a picture of a spanking in progress?

Well.......probably not.

What it is, however, is a picture from a performance done by Cambodia's Khmer Arts Ensemble of a show called, "A Bend In The River".  The show will have it's world premiere here in Minnesota at the State Theater in Minneapolis on April 5.  For more information, go to

This is what they have to say about the show:

"Khmer Arts Ensemble debuts in Minnesota with A Bend in the River, a reflection on the choices we make in the heat of passion, weaving a Cambodian village tale of love, heartbreak, magic, vengeance, consequence, and redemption. Created by National Heritage Fellow Sophiline Cheam Shapiro in collaboration with two of Cambodia’s most renowned artists, this dance drama intertwines fifteen dancers, one unreliable narrator, two oversized crocodile puppets by sculptor Sopheap Pich, and eight instrumentalists and singers performing Him Sophy’s new score for a pin peat ensemble that includes an original two-level circle gong and xylophone. Like all good stories transmitted from generation to generation, the meanings are multiple. The world is ever-changing, nature a great leveler, and human choices, often made in haste, are sure to be tested. We resort to vengeance in place of justice at our peril. Crocodiles have been known to eat their young, after all."

Here's a picture of one of the "crocodiles":

That looks very cool..  And I do like the description of the show--especially the part about an "unreliable narrator".  That should make for some good storytelling, right there!

No mention, however, of a spanking, so I must conclude that the first picture features two of the artists performing part of the dance, and the captured image just happens to look something like This Thing We Do.
Sometimes the captured image isn't always what it seems.....

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