Monday, January 7, 2013

The Headmaster's Daughter

*** Selected as a Chross "Spanking Of The Week" ***

Time to once again dive into the archives and post another favorite set of photos.

I'm not sure, exactly, what qualifies a photo (or series of photos) as one of my "favorites".  It's just an immediate reaction upon seeing the picture--I either like it or I don't like it, and then it gains "favorite" status after a few more viewings.  There's no particular criteria.

All things considered, I probably shouldn't like this photo-set as much as I do.  For one thing, there isn't a bare bottom in sight, and you'd think that would be one of the things I would definitely want.  Practically all of the photos are a side-view, camera positioned in front of the spanker.  There's almost no loving, lingering pictures from behind the spankee focusing on her bottom, another thing you'd think I'd absolutely want to have.

There's almost a certain innocence here, as well as plausibility.  The participants are age appropriate for their roles.  He certainly looks old enough to be her father, doling out some paternal discipline to a young lady for some bad behavior.  We get to see all of the spanker and spankee in almost every picture.  There are no cropped photos of just body parts.  The girl's reactions are good, not over-the-top, and she certainly looks contrite as she receives a stern lecture at the end of it.  The only thing that's off?  The title in the first photo, which labels the set as "The Headmasters Daughter".  Going by that, she apparently has more than one father, and all of them are headmasters.  As you can see from the title on this post, I've corrected that.  But hey, what do you want--correct punctuation or some nice spanking photos?



Dave Wolfe said...

Thanks, Doc-- this was also one of my favorite series when the Web was new! Their acting / interaction is provocative, and SUCH a cute little fanny, wonderfully displayed in her white panties!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it was worth checking back on this. The girl certainly looks youthful She has the most gorgeous legs and there is no wonder the guy looks a bit hot and bothered.

Dr. Ken said...

Dave Wolfe -- I still say it's a pity those white panties didn't get lowered. I would have loved to have seen her bare bottom getting spanked. It's still a wonderful photo set, though.

Anonymous -- Glad you found it!