Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cookie's Comeuppance

What would you do if you'd spent the day waiting for an important phone call and discovered that your college-aged daughter had been on the phone all day yakking away with her friends?

Yeah, that would be my first reaction, too.

I came across this artwork while browsing through my archives and thought I'd post it so it could see the light of day.  While it's a lovely depiction of Dagwood delivering some parental discipline, I don't think it's a panel from the actual comic strip.  Compare it to another picture of daughter Cookie getting a good "talking to" from her father.

This is an actual scene that appeared in the comic strip.  Compare it to the first picture.  While the drawing of  Dagwood is good, you can tell that it's a little bit off.  And Cookie is just all wrong, from the clothing to the face--even the way the hair is drawn.  Add to that the fact that her bottom is so prominently featured in the first drawing--an everyday family comic strip wouldn't be quite that blatant.  

So while I certainly enjoy the first drawing, I have to conclude that it's a piece of fan art, and not some long lost Blondie panel from ages ago.  It's a pity there's nothing to identify the artist, so let's just send a "congratulations on a job well done" out into the Universe and hope it somehow reaches the right person.


Anonymous said...

yes i have seen the picture around and cannot identify the artist(it was in tan her hides blog a while ago) i ran across the whole recently of the talking to> Dagwood comes home and Blondie says Cookie has been a very naughty young lady and Dagwood takes her to have a talking to session. with his daughter standing off to the side as he begins the lecture Cookie says " Can i just get a spanking and skip the lecture!" the next panel shows Dagwood grabbing Cookie by the arms and then the next panel she is getting her spanking and Dagwood is saying "yeh" So nice when they cooperate with their spanking that way isn't it. have a great day

Hermione said...

Cookie looks like that potato Jesus painting. Good find, though. I remember way back when, seeing spanking in the Dagwood and Blondie colour comics.


Dr. Ken said...

Anonymous -- I can't say I ever read that blog, so thanks for filling me in!

Hermione -- anytime I came across a spanking in the local paper's Comic section was a big day for me. For a while I'd clip them out and save them. Eventually I'd get too paranoid about somebody finding them, so I'd throw them out.