Tuesday, January 29, 2013

5-Year Blogiversary Special -- pt. 5

While not there quite yet, we are nearing the end of the drawings I picked out for my 5-year celebration.  I'll probably wrap it up either this weekend or early next week.

Sometime during the first year of this blog, I wrote to Endart himself.  I wanted to do a post that would include my favorite drawing of his, titled, "Warm Under Plaid", so I wrote to him and asked for permission to use his artwork.  His reply was more than gracious, and he told me to feel free to use the drawing.  He had only two requests:  Do not change, alter or crop the picture in any way;  and leave the watermark, the "Endart.com" logo, intact.  As long as I did that, he had no objection to my posting any of his drawings.

Since I know many of you will want to download these drawings and reblog them, I ask you to follow the same rules.  I would also add, "Please do not change the file name."  Endart took time and put some thought into the titles of all of his drawings, and I really hate to see the file name wiped out when it gets reblogged.

The first couple of pictures take a distinctly Southern turn.  We start off seeing a young lady being threatened with a switch while wearing a skimpy pair of jean shorts.  The girl is none other than Daisy Duke....and yes, to this day the shorts are named after her.  The show, of course, is "The Dukes Of Hazzard".  I'm not sure what Daisy did to make Uncle Jesse get a switch, but as the name of the drawing states, she is facing some "Hazard-ous Consequences"--and those Daisy Dukes aren't going to offer much protection!

We go from a switch-wielding patriarch to a switch-wielding matriarch--namely, Granny from "The Beverly HIllbillies".  Granny often threatened to go get a switch, but if she did, we never saw it.  At best, an actual switching was hinted at.  In fact, the only spanking on the show that I can recall didn't even involve the Clampett clan at all.  Rather, it was the banker, Mr. Drysdale, who turned his wife over his knee and paddled her in the privacy of his office--off-screen, sad to say--much to the delight of his secretary, Miss Hathaway.  It's a shame, really.  The way Donna Douglas as Elly May filled out a pair of jeans, we should have been treated to a scene such as the one Endart drew several times a season.  This is what happens when "Granny Takes Charge".

Okay.  So you have a bunch of lifeguards running around in tight bathing suits, and one of them is played by Pamela Anderson.  The same question comes to mind as before--how did we NOT get to see at least a spanking a year on "Baywatch"?  The situation definitely called for some "Beach Fanny Tanning".  (Needless to say, that's the American definition of the word, "fanny"....just so there's no confusion.)

"Guilty, Miss Sullivan".  That's the verdict handed down in this session of "Night Court".  It's pretty easy to tell what the sentence is, and the attorney Miss Sullivan (played by Markie Post) doesn't seem too happy about it.  I guess we could say that the punishment is being carried out over her objections?

Sunshine, water, a lovely beach surrounded on all sides by water, and all of a sudden, the cry of, "The plane!  The plane!"  Time once again for Mr. Rourke (he looks marvelous) and Tattoo to greet the next batch of visitors to "Fantasy Island"!  This may have been one of the few shows that Endart drew inspiration from that actually did feature a spanking during it's run.  Of course, one spanking just isn't enough, and this young guest to the island has a definite fantasy in mind.  Naturally, Mr. Rourke does his best to make it happen.  The title here is, "Fulfilling Fantasy", and is probably a good place to end today's post.


Anonymous said...

great finds as usual. I did enjoy your comments about all the shows. Granny did fetch the switch several times, but it was Jethro that she was after and i did like that much, but i did enjoy the one swat that Granny did give to Elly Mae and Donna rubbing her bottom afterwards. My memory of the spanking that Mr.Drysdale gave his wife was different i seem to remember the cabin that they had built by the cement pond that was where he spanked her as it had something to do with him taking some of Granny's tonic to give him the courage to stop her from her tirade and when he threatened her again it was about being in this Possum day parade that they did in some city nearby. Thanks again for sharing all these endart tv ones for your 5th year blogiversary i did enjoy them greatly. have a great day

OldFashionGirl said...

Congrats on 5 wonderful years. xoxo

Dr. Ken said...

Jim--your memory of the "Hillbillies" is definitely better than mine! Thanks for sharing!

OldFashionGirl--Thank you, Veronica! Hugs and spanks to you!