Thursday, January 24, 2013

5-Year Blogiversary Special -- pt. 3

One of the wonderful byproducts of doing these posts has been the fact that I was actually able to add to my Endart collection.  The last picture in the previous post, with Catwoman finally getting the upper hand?  I stumbled across that quite by accident while doing some research.  And even though I'm not a big fan of F/M depictions, I was more than happy to download a copy of it and include it with the other "Batman" pictures.

The same story applies to this next picture, and I have to give a big "Thank you" to Dave Wolfe over at "Wolfietoons" for it.  He had it on his site, and it's one I don't remember seeing before--either that, or I saw it but decided not to download it at the time.  However, since it uses the show, "Gilligan's Island" as it's inspiration, it certainly fits in with my Blogiversary Special theme.

Here we see the Skipper in the process of letting Mary Ann and Ginger know that, even though they're shipwrecked, the Captain of the ship is still in charge in this drawing called, "Ginger's Turn".

"Buck Rogers In The 25th Century" is a pretty clunky title for a TV show, so everyone I know just referred to it as "Buck Rogers".  The show didn't last very long on the air, and I can't say I watched it very often.  Still, if they'd included something like this in a few more episodes, the show might have lasted more than two seasons.

Here, Buck Rogers (Gil Gerard) introduces Col. Wilma Deering (Erin Gray) to a quaint old Earth custom.  The title, "Finally Buck!", would seem to indicate that she's been hoping for a demonstration for quite some time.

In spite of my constantly saying that I watch a lot of television, obviously there are plenty of shows that I never see, or don't want to watch, or just didn't seem interesting enough for me to devote any time to it.  It doesn't mean there was actually anything wrong with the show--it just wasn't my cup of tea at the time.  "JAG" was one of those shows.  Although, again, if Catherine Bell had done a few scenes like the one below, I just might have been a big fan.  This one is called, "Meaning No Harm".  I don't know, though....he looks like he means to do some harm to me!

Next up is "Colt And Jodi" from the TV series, "The Fall Guy", starring Lee Majors and Heather Thomas. Lee played a stunt man who also worked as a bounty hunter on the side in order to make some extra money.  It looks like Colt is going to have a serious talk with Jody about some of the stunts she's been pulling.

The Endart title, as you can see, refers to her as "Jodi" but all indications are that her name in the show was actually spelled with a "y"--Jody.  It's as I've said before--which would you rather have, a good drawing or proper spelling?

"Too Warm For Comfort" is the name of the last illustration, and the title is a play on the name of the TV series it's based on, "Too Close For Comfort".  The TV show was a perfect example of what happens when you mess with a show's time slot.  The show originally aired on Tuesdays, with shows like "Happy Days" and "Three's Company" acting as it's lead-in.  After a few seasons, the show got moved to Thursday and, without the strong shows before it, the ratings plummeted like a penguin attempting to fly.

Ted Knight played Henry Rush, a cartoonist.  He and his wife had a lovely home with a downstairs apartment that they rented out.  When their tenant died, Henry's daughters (Jackie and Sarah, played by Deborah Van Valkenburgh and Lydia Cornell) pleaded to become the new tenants, and Henry finally agreed.

Naturally, hilarity ensued.

In the last drawing for today, I'm guessing that Jackie and Sarah have violated the lease agreement--and they discover what happens when the landlord is their father!


Anonymous said...

wow these were great finds. i had actually only seen the GILLIGANS ISLAND one and enjoyed seeing the new ones. Happy blogverisary again and thank you for sharing Endart that many people may not have seen (because it was a pay site /or he retired) and he was a favorite artist and i thought all of them were great. I am an otk fan and he was quite a good otk artist. Have a great day.

Dr. Ken said...

Jim -- thanks! This is exactly why I wanted to do this series of posts--for people who may have never seen the Endart drawings, and for those who may have seen some of these but maybe not all of these. And, of course, just for Endart fans in general. Even if they'd seen all of these pictures before, it's nice to see them again.