Sunday, January 20, 2013

5-Year Blogiversary Special -- pt. 2

++++ Updated on January 21, 2013 ++++

We continue to celebrate my 5-year blogiversary with 5 more drawings from Endart.  Oddly enough, there may be 5 illustrations, but we're only looking at three TV shows.

I have always assumed that this first one gets it's inspiration from the TV show, "Married--With Children", even though there's very little in the way of evidence to support the idea.  For one thing, the title of the drawing is, "Kelly's Comeuppance".  Christina Applegate portrayed Kelly Bundy in the TV series and, like the lady in the picture, had blonde hair.  And the character smirking in the background could certainly be interpreted as younger brother Bud.

Turns out I was wrong.  Thanks to a note from Enzo, he's clarified for me that the picture is in fact meant to represent a different TV show, namely "Beverly Hills 90210".  I never watched that program and so I never figured it out, but I'm glad that someone else managed to spot it.  You can read all the details in the "Comments".

In this second drawing, though, there's no doubt as to which TV show it's based on.  Entitled, "Al Takes Charge", the depictions of Al and Peggy Bundy leave no doubt that this is "Married--With Children".  Having clearly reached his limit, Al has already dealt with daughter Kelly...and now it's Peg's turn.

It's been a highly successful comic book, TV series, and now a movie trilogy.  Not surprising, then, that Endart  should go back to the over-the-top campy TV program, "Batman", starring Adam West and Burt Ward, and get at least three illustrations out of it..

Based on the still popular comic book by DC comics, the TV series brought a number of Batman villains to the small screen.  The Joker, The Riddler, The Penguin--all bedeviled the Caped Crusader, and it seemed like well-known actors were more than happy to take on these roles.  And, of course, no list of Batman villains would be complete without Catwoman.

Three actresses took turns portraying Catwoman over the course of the show's history.  Eartha Kitt and Lee Merriweather each took a turn.  But the best of them all was Julie Newmar, and she's the one that Endart focused on.  Tall, statuesque and curvaceous, it's no surprise that Batman would decide to take her in hand--at least, in the Endart version of the show.  Psychiatrists will tell you that most criminals want to be caught.  Perhaps that's why the name of this drawing is, "Catwoman's Wish".

And how does she feel about all those Bat-spanks delivered to her upturned bottom?  Grateful, apparently, since the name of this next illustration is, "Thank You, Batman".

But wait....what treachery is this???

While doing some Endart research, I came across this drawing that I did not have in my collection.  Not surprising, really.  Endart did an amazing number of pictures, and while I do have a lot of them, it's hardly a complete collection.  The drawing fit in with my theme of Endart and TV, so I downloaded a copy of it.  Sadly, it was listed as "untitled", something that I'm not too happy about.  Endart gave a name to each of his drawings, and just like each picture was lovingly crafted, I'm sure he gave some thought into the picture's title, as well, and the title also served as the drawings .jpg file name.  To have someone change it or eliminate it is, to me, a travesty.  As noted, the name of the picture above is, "Thank You, Batman".....not "Untitled", not "Picture 247", and sure as hell not "tumblr_xxx2546qoeyeosfersetredsapye".

I could probably rant on, but I won't.  Best to stay on topic.  Here's the last one for today.  Since it was listed as "untitled", I gave it the name, "Catwoman's Revenge".  Again, another reader has come through for me.  Ingen--and again, you can read the remarks in the "Comments"--has the same picture on file, and the title there is, "Catwoman's Playtime".  I'm going to assume that is the correct title.  Thank you, Ingen!

Will there be more Endart depictions of spankings on TV in the days to come?  Tune in to find out...same Spank-Time, same Spank-Channel......


sixofthebest said...

Congratulation on your 5th Anniversary Dr, Ken. I like the first 4 spanking drawings.

Ingen said...

My version of the pic says "Catwomans Playtime". Don't know if that's Endart's original title, though.

Enzo said...

Dr. Ken -
First & foremost Happy 5th Year Blogiversary!
Hope you celebrated in an appropriate manner of this blog.

With all due respect allow me to clarify something regarding this post and EndArt's artwork. In particular, the first image is NOT a reference to "Married--With Children". It is actually an inspiration from another 90's pop culture TV phenom of "Beverly Hills 90201"!

"Kelly's Comeuppance" refers to Kelly Taylor who is being spanked by 'her true' love Dylan Mckay and the scene is being witnessed by Brandon Walsh, who I believe was her actual boyfriend however. If you look at the photos of the actors you can see that Endart's work is a pretty accurate represenatation in this illustration.

I'll admit I am not clear on the story lines/love interests, but I saw the show enough times to realize this illustration is referencing that show. Take a look here for a clear visual informational reference:

On a side Jennie Garth, the actress who played Kelly, is very spankable at her current age.


Dr. Ken said...

sixofthebest -- Personally, I like them all, even though I'm not the F/M side of things. But I can still appreciate the drawing.

Ingen -- That probably is the original title. I've gone into my archives and re-saved the drawing under that name. Thanks for passing that along!

Enzo -- You just cleared up a big mystery for me, so thanks! I knew that "Married--With Children" didn't really seem right, but having never watched "90210", Kelly Bundy was the only blonde I could recall. I've updated the post to include your information, so thanks once again!

Anonymous said...

julie newmar was the best Catwoman and her getting spanked was a great treat i am not that big of an f/m fan so that one where she has spanked batman and robin are my least favorites of his series. I hope that you find WKRP IN CICINATTI and ENTRAPMENT(i personally think those are the best he has ever done, but i did enjoy Julie newmar (catwoman as well. Thank you

Dr. Ken said...

Jim -- ENTRAPMENT was a movie, and I'm only doing the drawings based on TV shows, so it won't be included here. I just posted the WKRP picture in part 4 of the 5-Year Blogiversary Specials, though.