Friday, January 18, 2013

5-Year Blogiversary Special -- pt. 1

** Selected as a Chross "Spanking of the Week" **

Over the years, the artist known as Endart created a number of drawings that were based on TV shows and TV characters.  Since I'm a big fan of spanking and of TV, I thought I'd share with you all of the drawings of his that I could find in my archives with a TV theme.  It seemed a fitting way to celebrate my 5 year anniversary of Spanking Minnesota.

Sadly, since Endart retired a few years back, there is nothing "new" here.  If you were a dedicated Endart fan, you've probably seen all or most of these before.  The newer Endart fan, however, might find a lot he or she hasn't seen before.  And who knows?  There might even be a drawing that the old Endart fan somehow missed out on the first time around.  New fan or old, I hope you find something here to enjoy.

I should note that the drawings I'm using for these posts are the individual illustrations that he did on the subject, and not any drawings taken from any of the "Series" he ran, like the Pammy Lee stories, or Carrot and Bev.  While TV shows like "Star Trek" and "Xena: Warrior Princess" were occasional used as the backdrop for some of Pam's adventures or dreams, I'm not using any of those pages in these posts.  These are just his one-panel offerings.

We start off, like any good day of television would, with the morning shows.  In this first one, titled "Live", Regis and Kathie Lee Gifford must be having a discussion about the book, "50 Shades Of Gray".

And, on a different network, in an illustration called, "Today", Katie Couric is undergoing a similar discussion.  I think Katie might be having trouble sitting comfortably "today"....and possibly tomorrow....

(You can tell this is an early Endart drawing by the fact that the logo, "", is printed across the illustration.  Later on, he considerately started putting it at the top of the page, or the bottom, or along the side--someplace out of the way where it didn't interfere with the image.  He even went back to many of his early drawings and changed the placement of the logo on those.)

I can barely bring myself to refer to any so-called "reality" program as Television, although there are a few--a very few--that, I must admit, I do like.  The next drawing is a nod to that genre.  And, if they'd actually done as the drawing shows, it probably would have been the highest rated "reality" program ever.  Based on the show, "The Simple Life", here Nicole Ritchie does to Paris Hilton what a lot of people wish would happen to Paris Hilton.  It really is,"So Simple".

While the next is certainly not the oldest illustration, it does reference probably the oldest TV show.  "The Honeymooners" aired in the '50s, and starred Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden and Audrey Meadows as his wife, Alice.

Ralph was a bus driver.  He had big dreams, but they seldom worked out.  His wife, Alice, kept him grounded with her sharp wit and sarcastic comments.  On occasion, his frustration (combined with one of her zingers) would have him shaking his fist and intoning, "One of these days, of this the moon, Alice!"  Alice would just stare him down and then deflate him with another comment.  She knew...we all knew....he was just venting and could never lay a finger on her.  And he would prove it at the end of many episodes, when the two of them would wind up hugging and he'd look at her and say, "'re the greatest!"

In this picture, called "Mad Driver", Ralph has clearly stopped threatening to send her to the moon and is applying his palm to her moon instead.

The last drawing for today is also in black-and-white.  It's called, "Lost In Spanks", a play on the name of the TV show it depicts, "Lost In Space".  I must admit I never watched the show, so can't really say a lot about it, but even I remember that the space family Robinson had a Robot that would alert them to dangers with cries of "Warning!  Warning!" and "Danger Will Robinson!"

Here, someone has clearly reprogrammed the Robot, and the only "danger" is to the backside of one of the Robinson daughters.

That's all for now.  I'd say the blogiversary special is off to a good start......


Anonymous said...

wow, thank you for the great Endart series. I was a big fan of the tv spankings and i had not seen several of those. I did see something about this somewhere that he had been threatened with legal action because his charactors did look so real so he stopped the tv spanking series, but i did relate to them as i did see some of the shows Space Family Robinson or Lost in Space was a neat series as far as costumes went as their silver suits were quite fetching. I hope you continue with this series as i did enjoy them and would love to see ones that i remembered and also ones that i have never seen. Thanks again

Dr. Ken said...

Jim -- I hadn't heard about the legal action stuff, but I guess it's not surprising. Stars, the studios, and the agents that represent them are very, very careful things such as a star's likeness and the use of their image.
Rest assured I still have enough material for several posts yet. Hopefully there will be some you haven't seen before!