Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dr. Ken's Spankable Bottom Of The Week

It's time once again for Dr. Ken's Spankable Bottom of the Week.  The only question is:  Which week?

I never put up a post on this subject last week, so it certainly could be a post for that time period.  On the other hand, it's already Wednesday, and since my schedule has been busier than usual lately, it should probably serve as the post for this week.

So which is it?  The answer, of course, is......both.

And since the post is covering two different weeks, I think it's only logical that this post be Dr. Ken's Spankable Bottoms of the Week.  And I can think of no better duo to nominate for the owner than the lovely Amber "Pixie" Wells, one of the driving forces behind the aptly named Punished Brats site.......

And her friend, the equally lovely (and equally bratty) Lily Anna.....

I've never had the pleasure of meeting these two ladies.  I'm sure it would be one of my fondest memories if I ever had.  I've had some correspondence with Pixie in the past, and I found her to be a warm, charming, friendly and very witty young lady.  To be all that and still have the ability to make you want to throw her over your knee and paddle her bottom is no mean feat.  And I have no doubt Lily Anna has the exact same qualities.

You can just tell these two are real close friends, can't you?

So there you have it.  Two spankable bottoms to cover last week and this week, and I cannot imagine two better representatives of the genre.  And that brings us to "The End" of this blog entry.

Or maybe that should be, "The Ends"?

(All photos courtesy of Amber "Pixie" Wells and Punished Brats)


Njspank said...

They are both just lovely, Amber is a classic and Lily Anna is adorable, pretty and an amazing lady.

The two most spankable ladies in the scene but two ladies who I would love to lay over their laps.


Dr. Ken said...

Njspank--there's no question these two are in a class by themselves-- Pixie especially.

Anonymous said...

Botties bared and smacked hard. Two naughty daughters appropriately dealt with by their strict mummy and daddy. Simple and realistic montage. No worries. No delay. It's the ony way ! Brenda x