Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

If memory serves, I got this lovely picture off of Devlin O'Neill's excellent blog many years ago.  Hopefully he doesn't mind if I re-use it this Halloween.

I hope everyone had a good time celebrating, and that all the spankable schoolgirls, naughty nurses and slutty  zombies got their share of tricks and treats--not to mention a few well-deserved spankings.  I guess the only thing to figure out is whether a good spanking counts as a trick or a treat?

Of course, a lot of people out East spent Halloween getting Sandy-blasted.  Hardly a happy holiday.  So to all of my friends, readers and fellow spankos out East--my thoughts and prayers are with you.  Here's hoping the storm finally dissipates, and everyone can start getting back to normal.

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