Friday, November 30, 2012

Dr. Ken's Spankable Bottom Of The Week

No anonymous models this time--the Spankable Bottom of the week belongs to the lovely Rosaleen Young.

Here are a few more photos of her bottom getting the attention it richly deserves:


OTKUGOTT said...

Ah, lovely Rosaleen! She understood better than most spanking actresses the importance of giving a good line to the body - perhaps she had some stage experience. When getting the paddle or cane in the bending-over position, she would arch her back without having to be told. The only think was she wouldn't do these scenes completely bare-bottom, so they weren't absolutely stunning as they could have been.

Dave Wolfe said...

Rosaleen has been one of my several favorites, who convey a lot of personality in the scene, making it a lot more appealing and sexier than it would have been otherwise.

Thanks, Doc!

Enzo said...

Rosaleen Young!
She was one of the first spanking models I came across.
She was was beautiful and quite talented.

Does anyone know what happened to her?

Dr. Ken said...

OTKUGOTT--There are a lot of spanking models, but very few like her, that's for sure.

Dave Wolfe--You're welcome, Dave. And you're right. She played that "Brat you want to spank" role with the best of them.

Enzo--other than the fact that she "retired", I have no information.