Saturday, September 8, 2012

Picture This

In my last post, I mentioned that I had gone through my archives and pulled out two drawings and five old Nu-West photos to post.  I put up the drawings the last time, and "thanks" to all who took the time to comment.  This time, I'll post those photos.

I must admit, I always hesitate to post old photos.  I always look at them and think, "Oh, these have been around forever, everybody's already seen these many times over, nobody is going to want to see them again."  Lately, though, whenever I find myself thinking this way, I always repeat those four little words that everybody is so sick of..............."Fifty Shades Of Grey".

Why bring that up?  Because regardless of what you may think about the books, the author, the writing, etc., the fact of the matter is that the books have introduced the subject of kink and spanking to the mainstream masses, and many of them are finding themselves intrigued.  I've heard countless stories of women who have read the books for their own enjoyment (and then read them a second and third time) and then have taken the bold step of sharing the books with their husbands/lovers/significant others.  The result?  Countless more stories of how it has rekindled their love lives.

And here's why I bring it up:  out of all the things that happen in those books, what is the one thing that everyone is going to try?  Spanking, of course!  Not everyone has a handy dungeon.  Not everyone has the necessary ropes and bondage gear and devices.  Everyone, however, does have a butt and a partner with a palm.  It's what they'll go for first, and it's what they'll spend time looking for on the Internet.  And the Internet has all these spanking blogs--many with pictures.  And no matter how old or well-known or "vintage" those pictures are, these people are getting the chance to see them for the very first time. 

I think of that fact, and suddenly I don't feel so bad about using old pictures in posts.

So here are the Nu-West photos.  The only significant thing about them is that the first two are from the very first photoset I ever bought from Nu-West, the last three are from the very last photoset I bought from Nu-West, and the hairbrush that is being used in the last three is the exact same kind of brush that I have in my toy bag--a brush I bought years ago from (who else?) Nu-West.



Dave Wolfe said...

Hey, Doc, you know what? I've been all over the place in Spanking InternetLand for ten years or so now, and this is the first time I'VE seen those particular pictures!

Thank you for the post!

Njspank said...

Are the better old or new otk brush spankings than NuWest/Leda, love the old photos, thanks

Dr. Ken said...

Dave Wolfe -- you're very welcome! I found them on one of the old newsgroups many years ago.

One of the TV networkds used to have an ad compaign that went, "If you haven't seen it, it's new to you!" (Probably used during the summer rerun season) I guess this just proves that point. I'll have to dig out more old photos!

Njspank -- I do love the old photos, as well, although there are many good photos out there now from many spanking sites--I've always liked the photos from "Punished Brats", for instance.

Anonymous said...

Those last three pics are just fantastic! Is there a movie? How can there not be a movie????

- Ilovelaps

Dr. Ken said...

ilovelaps -- Nu-West very often just shot photosets for sale. Sometimes there'd be a VHS tape, as well, but not always. I think this was just a photoshoot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dr Ken but how terrible this wasn't video'd! :-(( - ilovelaps