Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dinosaurs On A Spaceship

The newest season of DOCTOR WHO has finally started, and along with the Doctor, Amy Pond and her husband Rory, the second episode called, "Dinosaurs On A Spaceship", brings us that rarest of events in the Whovian universe--a spanking threat!

The threat does not come from the Doctor.  That would be very unlike him.  And the person threatened is not Amy Pond, his current companion and the lovely red-head in the blue-and-white stripes that we see in this picture (although heaven knows she needs to be turned over a knee and spanked like there's no tomorrow).  No, it occurs between the two new members of the Doctor's "gang" that he assembles to explore a space ship that's heading for Earth--one that almost seems unoccupied except for several species of dinosaurs on board. The new members are an adventurer/big game hunter from the plains of Africa (circa 1902) named John Riddell (he's on the extreme left of the picture as you look at it) and none other than Queen Nefertiti of Egypt, played by the lovely Riann Steele.  She's the lady on the extreme right in the picture above.  Here's another shot of her.

As often happens on pretty much every episode of DOCTOR WHO, the group gets split up, and Amy, Riddell, and the Queen explore the ship and come across a computer control panel.  Amy begins pushing buttons, and finally manages to play a video record regarding the ship..  The ship is a vessel belonging to a reptilian race called the Silurians.  The Silurians were the original inhabitants of the planet Earth before Man came along.  They had gathered the dinosaurs and were heading out into space to start a new colony.  That's where I'll pick it up:

AMY:  We're on an Ark--a Silurian Ark.

RIDDELL:  Lizard people having dinosaurs onto a space ark?  Absolute tommyrot!

NEFERTITI:  Only an idiot denies the evidence of their own eyes!

RIDDELL:  Egyptian Queen or not, I shall put you across my knee and spank you!

AMY:  Oh, lord....

NEFERTITI:  Try--and I'll snap your neck in a heartbeat!

RIDDELL:  Huh. They certainly bred firecrackers in your time....

AMY:  Oh, nonono....please don't start flirting!  I will NOT have flirting companions!

No actual spanking, of course, takes place.  At the end of the episode, though, as the Doctor is returning everyone home, we see John Riddell back at his campsite in Africa--and Queen Nefertiti, headdress off, is coming out of his tent.  So, just possibly, she got that spanking after all.

We can always hope....


Keith said...

the very first spanking threat in Dr who came in 1964-in the story'the Dalek invasion of earth'William Hartnell-playing the first doctor-threatens his granddaughter Susan-played by Carole Anne Ford,with a 'jolly good smacked bottom!'after she causes some crumbling masonry to fall onto the TARDIS-trapping them all on a future earth ruled by the Daleks,in the 1968 story 'the wheel in space'the doctors companion Jamie-played by Frazer Hines-threatens the new companion Zoe-played by Wendy Padbury to 'put over my knee and give a good larruping'when she makes fun of his kilt, and the unmade 1968 Dr who story-the 'prison in space'-which would have starred Patrick Troughton,has Jamie spanking Zoe right at the end of the story because she 'behaves like a child'

Dr. Ken said...

Keith -- I'd never heard that about the unmade DR. WHO story. Interesting!
The only thing I can add to your list is the William Hartnell episode, "The Gunfighters" where one of the villians gives companion Dodo a smack on the bottom to hurry her along. It's the only actual swat I can think of in all of the show's 50 years!