Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Won!

It was pointed out to me by sixofthebest, a faithful follower of this blog, that I had come out the winner of the Nik Zula Spanking Art cartoon caption challange.

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I often like to do what I usually call "Photo Caption Fun" posts.  I'll find a picture on the net, and usually when I look at it, a caption or a bit of dialogue will pop into my head.  Inevitably, the picture and the caption wind up posted here on my blog.  Sometimes they're funny.  That's usually what I aim for.  Sometimes they're not particularly funny, but the caption fits with the picture.  Either way, they wind up as a post here.

I first started doing this many years ago.  "Northern Spanking" a lovely site, used to publish an outtake from one of their photo sets and challanged their readers to supply a caption.  The prize was a free one-month membership to their site and, on my third try, I won.  The photo was of a lady and a man in a ski mask, and I believe the caption had something to do with a "Spanking Terrorist and his weapons of ass destruction".  I was thrilled to win, and very much enjoyed the month on the site.  So, when I started my blog, it wasn't long before I started putting captions to various pictures I found on the web.

I know I'm not the only site doing something like this.  Hermione of "Hermione's Heart" quite regularly has a "Complete the Caption" feature.  And Dave over on "The Cherry Red Report" has, on occasion, had photo caption contests with the prize being a one-month membership to one of Clare Fonda's amazing sites.

So it wasn't a total surprise when I was looking through Nik Zula's site and came across his challange, posted on July 11.  He had done a drawing of an older man spanking a girl with an amazed look on her face.  There was an empty dialogue balloon over the man's head, and an empty thought balloon over the girl.  His challange to his readers?  Supply a caption for the drawing, and he'd finish the cartoon with the winning lines of dialogue.

I couldn't resist, and did my best to come up with something that fit the drawing and especially something to match the look on the girl's face.  I finally picked something and submitted it.

Lo and behold, Nik Zula posted the results of the challange on July 17th.  There were many good entries--his most recent post shows the Top Six--but he picked the entry from Dr. Ken as the one he liked best.

You can see the series of posts on Nik's site, "Nik Zula Spanking Art".  I've added it to the blog roll, so you can find it here on the right hand side of the page.  Just click on it and you'll be taken there.  Enjoy all the other wonderful drawings that he has on his site, too!


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