Thursday, June 7, 2012


Just in case you were wondering.......

I haven't gone away.

I'm not on vacation.

I haven't lost interest in spanking.  (As if....!)

No, I've been trying to put up a new post for the last two days, and for some reason I can't get the pictures that I want to use to load.  Or, rather, the pictures seem to load, but when I try to publish the post, the program gets hung up and everything is in a state of perpetual loading that never seems to finish.

I'll keep trying.  Hang in there, folks......

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web-ed said...

Sounds like a server problem, but if it's persisted all this time, better check those picture files. Check for name (valid extension), type (jpeg, gif, etc.), and size (both pixels and bytes). I've never dealt with Blogger's control panel, so I'm not familiar with it, much less how it works (javascript, presumably), but these are the obvious problems.