Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cinema Swats 7 Is Here

  What, some of you may ask, is "Cinema Swats?

  Cinema Swats is a collection off spanking scenes--some well-known, some less so--from  mainstream media around the world.    That includes film and TV.  The collection was comprised of 6 VHS tapes originally, then was later put on 6 DVDs.  Each tape or disc  contained around 40 or so spanking clips, and each clocked in at about 90 minutes in length.  It was a handy way to have all of your favorite spanking moments in one place--and much less expensive than trying to track them all down individually by yourself--and, if you're like me, you discovered some new favorite scenes along the way.

  This past week brought the news that a new disc--Cinema Swats 7--just became available for sale.

  Like the previous discs, CS 7 is a compilation of spanking scenes from around the world.  There are 50 clips in all, including the much talked about spankings from the movie Secretary, the scenes from such shows as Bored To Death and Weeds, along with the much ballyhooed scene from The Cowcatcher's Daughter.

  The earliest clip on the disc comes from 1918.  Like many of the other Cinema Swats discs, this one maintains an international flavor, featuring scenes not only from film and TV in the United States, but from Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Spain, India, Italy, France, Yugoslavia, Sweden, Argentina, Germany, Venezula, Hungary and Brazil.

  For a complete list of all the scenes on the disc, as well as ordering information, you can click on the link in the blog roll to the right for Cinema Swats, or simply type into your search engine.  And while you're there, you might consider collecting all of the discs in the set.  You're sure to find some screen gems that will become your favorites!


Hermione said...

That sounds like a lovely collection to have. Instead of watching a whole movie or tv episode, you have the good bits at your fingertips.


Dr. Ken said...
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Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--it is a lovely collection, indeed. And the nice thing about the Cinema Swats clips is that they usually provide a bit of context for what is about to happen. I hope a lot of people add these discs to their collection.

Dan Navarro said...

Got my copy of Cinema Swats 7 this week, and it's great. There are about 50 clips in this video.

Dave Wolfe said...

This is news indeed! I notice how a lot of stuff from the earlier Cinema Swats videos has made its way onto the web; and I enjoy that there are still scenes, new and old, to make a new compilation!

Dr. Ken said...

Dan Navarro--now there's a ringing endorsement. Thanks for chiming in with your opinion!

Dave Wolfe--everything finds it's way onto the web these days, whether we like it or not. I'm thrilled to see that there are still plenty of spanking scenes out there waiting to be discovered!