Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Last Hurrah

  Or maybe that should be, "The Last Rah Rah."

  The title is a bit misleading, however.  This isn't the last cheerleader post, merely the last one for right now.  I still have a good three-quarters of an archive to browse through ;and the various spanking sites keep putting up new posts featuring the Cheerleader scenario.  I daresay I could string a few more posts together. 

  Heck, I could probably make several posts from my "Punished Brats" archive alone!

  But after all these posts, I think the point has been made.  The cheerleader fantasy is a popular one, and spanking cheerleaders is just a natural extension for those of us with the spanking bug. 

  The Cheerleader was always the prettiest, most popular, energetic, lively and perky girl in the school,,,of maybe it was the uniform that gave the girl that cachet..  No wonder that the girl in uniform became a fantasy figure for so many of us.

  So, I'm putting the subject to rest for mow, but I have no doubt it's a topic I'll revisit again when I have the time.  There will always be cheerleaders.....and there will always be those of us with memories of cheerleaders.  And if those memories just happen to be of a naughty cheerleader who could use a good spanking....well, what are fantasies for?

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Spanky said...

More please! Kallisto has a cheerleader outfit, but hasn't worn it in a while. Perhaps it's time to revisit that idea.