Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Go Ahead--Take A Guess

So....other than the fact that it shows a spanking, of course........how do these pictures fit in with some of my recent posts?

According to the scenario laid out by Firm Hand Spanking, the young lady is the captain of the Cheer Squad. That's right--she's not in the tradtional uniform, but this is still a cheerleader post!

There's just no escaping this potent fantasy....

(Photos courtesy of firm Hand Spanking. Check them out at firmhandspanking.com)

1 comment:

Enzo said...

Not your traditional cheerleader uniform, but definitely a stereotypical looking cheerleader captain. Not that I am complaining as that cheerleader looks hot! (Although I will say that the spanker looks disproportionately young in my opinion).

Cheers to another cheerleader post!