Saturday, March 24, 2012

More Cheers For....

In case you were wondering--no, I haven't forgotten about all the photos of naughty cheerleaders who deserve to be turned over a knee, cheerleader shorts pulled down, and given a good spanking.

And, as was pointed out in the last Cheerleader ost I did, that fact hasn't escaped the site of many of the good spanking sites out there. They recognize a popular scenario when they see it!

As you can see from the photos below, Firm Hand Spanking knows exactly how to deal with misbehaving cheerleaders (and schoolgirls, too, judging by the first picture.) And Punished Brats--still my favorite place for spanking photos and movies--has had more then their fair share of ladies don the cheerleader uniform, only to have part of it lowered and their bottoms attended to in a most stinging and reddening fashion. And that includes the lovely Pixie herself!

If you're not a member of either of these sites, they're worth checking out. Maybe go there and try a one month membership if they have it available. They're both worth a look!

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Enzo said...

Dr. Ken - Glad to see you haven't forgotten about all those cheerleaders in need of a good spanking! It is one of my favorite post topics of yours.

In fact, I still can't get over those three flirtatious cheerleaders in purple featured in your "3 Cheers 3" post. Something about those purple panties just do not seem like regulation apparel. In fact they even seem to be a bit sheer as evidenced by the first girl ... or maybe the sheerness is just my imagination.