Friday, February 10, 2012

Two For The Show...Or The Blog Roll

Just a quick note this time to let you know I've added two new entries to the Blog Roll.

The first one has actually been in the roll for a bit. It's "The Trouble With Emma, including The Lost Diaries Of Emma Bishop". A long title, to say the least. She should be spanked and made to spell it out--you know, "T. T is the 20th letter of the alphabet", and then she she be given 20 swats, then 7 spanks for H, the seventh letter of the alphabet, etc. Maybe she'd learn the importance of brevity.

I've had it in the blog roll just as "Emma Bishop", but now I've amended that so it's listed as by the first part of the title, "The Trouble With Emma".

The second entry is a brand-spanking new blog called, Ultraviolet Heart. Only three entries so far, but it looks promising. It's always exciting to get in on the ground floor of a new blog and watch it develop, so check it out.

AS always, please pleas PLEASE leave comments when you go to see these two blogs. Bloggers love the feedback, and need to know they are being heard. It doesn't have to be a long comment, unless you want to write one, of course. And--my usual instruction--let them know Dr. Ken of Spanking Minnesota sent you.


Mikki said...

Hi... I agree... feedback is important and I will definitely visit the new blogs!

Take care...
Mikki xxx

Dr. Ken said...

Mikki--Good deal! I hope you enjoy them!

Ana said...

I agree with the comment part. I didn't until I started a new blog myself (just last week!). Now I make sure to leave a comment whenever I visit a new (to me) blog.

Dr. Ken said...

Ana--Feedback is so important, and can really help enliven a blog. Good luck with "Governing Ana"--and thanks for leaving a comment here!