Thursday, February 2, 2012

Multiple Choice

You've just informed your wife/girlfriend that she's going to get a good spanking.

She stomps her foot, folds her arms across her chest, and says, "Honey, I'm too old to be spanked!"

How do you respond?

A) "Yes, dear. Whatever you say, dear."

B) "By golly, love, you're right. We need to sit down in a calm and collected manner and discuss altermative methods of action like two rational adults."

C) "Oh. Okay, Grandma, let me get you your walker before you hurt yourself....."

D) You don't say anything. Instead, you go ahead and turn her over your knees, bare her bottom, and spank her behind until it glows in the dark.

And the correct answer is.................


Hermione said...

Let's see, those don't look like granny panties to me, so, I'll pick D.


Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--Good choice. I'm sure Ron is very proud..... :-)