Saturday, January 7, 2012

Radio Spanko--Alive And Well

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you're well aware of something I call "Radio Spanko". It's actually a local FM station here in Minnesota--MyTalk 107.1 FM. It's best described as Pop Culture radio, a sort of People magazine on the radio. The majority of shows are dedicated to celebrity news, news about movies, TV, books and music....and gossip, gossip, gossip! And every now and again, the word "spanking" gets bandied about on the air.

My favorite on-air personality is Lori of "The Lori and Julia" show, which airs Monday through Friday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Every Monday, these drive-time divas do a segment at about 5:3o p.m. called "Sex Monday". It was shortly after I started listening to the station that I noticed Lori dropping a few spanking references into her commentary. It was never with a negative connotation, always fun and playful. I began to believe that Lori just might be a secret spanko or, at the very least, someone who is familiar with it and probably doesn't mind it. All just wild speculation on my part, of course.

As I continued to listen to the various programs the station offers, I began to notice spanking references on other shows, as well. It was always done in an adult and respectful manner, which I liked, of course. I never got the sense that they mentioned spanking in an, "Oh, those people must be nuts" kind of way, but that they understood it was just playful, consensual fun between adults.I finally started sharing those on-air mentions in posts here on the blog, and "Radio Spanko" was born. If you dig back through the archives, you'll find that it generated quite a few posts over the last few years.

Lately, Radio Spanko has been going through a dry spell. I listened faithfully, but the subject never came up, even in a passing reference. I was starting to think that perhaps the big bosses at the station had called a production meeting and said, "Hey, let's knock off all that spanking talk."

I'm happy to report that the drought is over. Last week there were not one...not two....but three separate mentions involving the subject. And then another one this week!

Now, I don't have a photographic memory, so I'll preface this by saying that all my recollections are far from word-for-word perfect, but it's as good as I can remember it. Consider yourselves warned. Also, if I misspell any of the names...well, that's on me.

It started last week on a program called The Jason and Alexis show. Jason Matheson, one of the hosts, was out that day, so a lady named Colleen Lindstrom was sitting in for him . The other host was Alexis Thompson.,

Colleen went off on a mini-rant about the TV show, The Bachelor. While certainly no prude, she didn't care for some of the kissing on the show. A chaste little peck is fine, but far too often, it looks like they're trying eat the other person's face off. You can see the jaws moving the tongues moving, you get noises like, as she put it, the "slurping" which point Alexis piped up and added, "The spanking....."

Colleen immediately put on her best outraged voice and said, "Alexis! I did NOT say that!"

Alexis responded by saying, "I know", and then added, "I like it". It's unclear whether she was referring to the kissing, though, or to her own spanking reference. I know which one I'd like to believe.

Incident number Two occurred the next day during the Lori and Julia show. A movie critic was on, talking about the movie, A Dangerous Method. When he mentioned that the Keira Knightly character likes to be whipped, Lori began laughing and said, "My husband is going to want to see this!"

Draw your own conclusions.

The third reference came during the "Colleen and Reavers" show. during a segment called, "Ask The Boy".....because sometimes you need to get a man's point of view. Listeners e-mail the show with questions or problems, and Chris Reavers does his best to respond to them with advice.

The e-mail in question came from a man who had recently taken up with a new girlfriend. She had been in a bad and abusive relationship before this, but had gotten free of that. He had taken up with her, and they were both happy. There was just one problem: spanking.

He'd had spanking in relationships before, and it was always a fun happy time in the past, but she seemed to be coming at it from a "darker place." The radio hosts took that to mean that she was somehow "reenacting" her past relationship. Personally, I think they got that wrong. I think he simply meant that she wanted to be spanked a lot harder than he was comfortable with. I think she wanted to spanked to tears, or for him to leave marks or bruises. His reference to his previous spanking experiences would seem to indicate he was more comfortable with a lighter, pattycake approach.

The advice, if I remember correctly, was along the lines of communication--the two were going to have to sit down and talk it out, and reach some sort of compromise. And if that meant he had to go outside of his comfort zone.....well, he just might have to "man up". Not the world's greatest advice, but probably the best under the circumstances.

Finally, we go back to Lori and Julia this past week. The subject was the Katy Perry-Russell Brand split. Katy's camp was coming forward with their spin on the story. Some mention was made of Katy having a hard time keeping up with Russell's sexual tastes. Lori jumped right in to translate that statement to mean, "Russell likes to spank and be spanked and Katy couldn't handle it." (I hate to disagree with Lori, but I don't think that was it. Katy, I think, can handle spanking just fine. I think the reasons for the split were much more mundane--Katy was busy touring and they never got to see each other; Russell wanted to settle down and start a family, and Katy isn't ready for that.)

As you can see, Radio Spanko was merely hibernating. It's still out there. I'll continue to listen and if I hear anything worth mentioning, you know you'll find it posted here.


Hermione said...

Dr. Ken, that was a wonderful post. All those yummy spanking references on a single station.

The spanko talk I heard on my local station (about birthday spankings) won't be happening again. The female on air personality who introduced the subject has gone back to her former job as a high school teacher. I wonder if any of her students heard that spanking conversation.


Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--and those were just the ones I heard. Who knows how many I may have missed? Sorry to hear about your radio personality, birthday spankings are a good gateway to consensual adult spanking. I wonder how many students (not to mention their parents) go up to her and say it's their birthday.....

Mitch said...

Interesting, Ken. With a little effort, very little actually, I found the 107.1 FM website and noted that they are streaming the current show (on Sunday). I presume they do so 24/7, so perhaps we spankos can listen along with you and Radio Spanko will get a boost. I wonder if they would know why?

Dr. Ken said...

Micth--The weekend lineup is pretty boring, as far as I'm concerned. It's the daily Manday-Friday slew of shows that keep me amused until 11 p.m. (They run a REALLY dull nationally syndicated program at 11 p.m.....IMO, anyway.

Yes, they do have live streaming broadcasts, and I think there is also an archive of past shows. It'd be a lot to listen to, though, for maybe a 5-second reference to spanking. I listen to it at work.