Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thanks, And Linking Up

To begin with, I'd like to thank Chross for naming Monday's post, "Very Kinky Star Trek", as one of his Spankings Of The Week!!

Whenever he's kind enough to do that to one of my posts, I'm always tempted to go back to the post and edit it so that the first line acknowledges the honor. You know, something like, ****Selected by Chross as a "Spanking of the Week"****. So far I've managed to restrain myself, but it's tempting.

Someone else who has been kind enough to grace this blog with a few comments has been kiwigirliegirl. To return the kindness, I've added her blog, love honour and obey, to the blog roll. It's listed under "More blogs I enjoy"

She's not the only addition to the blog roll, however.

When I first discovered my interest in spanking, and was old enough to start finding material to feed that interest, I must confess that I gave short shrift to spanking illustrations. I wanted photographs, actual pictures of people participating in This Thing We Do. Even if the pictures were obviously posed, or bordered on the ridiculous, I felt it was better than a drawing. (And some of those photo sets were ridiculous--every picture had spanker and spankee in a different position, and in every picture the spanker was using some kind of different implement--a vase, a golf club, a snowshoe.....just total nonesense.) Still, it was an actual picture of actual people actually spanking. No drawing, I thought, could measure up.

Boy, was I wrong!

Maybe my early opinion had been formed on a few pictures by a poor artist. Maybe the illustrators got better as I got older. Or--more likely--my tastes simply changed as I got older and got more involved in the spanking scene, and also got the chance to actually discover the joys of taking a lady over my knee first hand. Whatever the reason, I began to look at illustrations with a new and more appreciative eye.

Discovering the wonderful work of the artist known as Endart certainly helped.

I still enjoy photos and photo sets if they're done well, but now I'm also a huge fan of drawings depicting the various aspects of spanking. Consequently, I've added a few new links to the blog roll under the heading of "Picture Blogs". I suspect I'll continue to search the blog rolls of other sites to come up with more additions.

For some wonderful pictures and drawings, the new links are:

Spanko4Life, Spanking Art, and the similarly named Spanking Art Photoblog.

Be sure to visit these sites, browse around and enjoy what they have to offer. Leave a comment and let them know you appreciate their efforts.

The weekend's just starting. Proceed at your leisure.....


Hermione said...

Congratulations on being Chrossed, Dr. Ken. It was well-deserved.


Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--thanks, Hermione. Hugs are always appreciated!