Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm Back! And, Spankable Celebrities # 10

After a 12-day self-imposed hiatus (also referred to as a "vacation"), which included attending the Chicago Crimson Moon Summer Spanktacular, I'm back. I think this is the longest amount of time I've ever gone between blog posts, but I decided if I was going to do a holiday getaway, then I would get away from everything, and that included blogging. So....did you miss me?

Did you even know I was gone?

I thought that I would begin by tying up a loose end. I started my Top Ten fantasy list of female celebrities I would love to spank back in January of this year. The only rules I had were that the celebrity had to be someone currently alive, and no reality stars. I started the list off with two names that have been on my list for a number of years. Rather than keep listing the same old people over and over again, I challenged myself at that point to start coming up with new names, ladies that had never been on my list before. You can go back through the archives to find numbers 1 through 9.. I won't try to list them here.

I had two names rattling around in my head for the 10th person on the list, but I couldn't really decide between them. And then, as often happens, a third choice occurred to me, and I knew right away she was going to be my selection.

She's a lovely actress with a real woman's body. When the producers of her TV show, Modern Family, told her to lose 10 pounds for the role, she told them "No." She likes her curves, she said, and I have to agree with her.

Spankable celebrity # 10 is Sofia Vergara. If you need convincing, just look at the photos posted below.

The first two are from about 10 years back, taken from a magazine photo shoot for Maxim UK. The last two are from a Diet Pepsi commercial that ran this past year. I have no idea why you would hide something that lovely under a gauzy blue scarf.

Thankfully, the blue scarf doesn't do a very good job of covering up! The last photo should make every spanker stand up and salute......


Larken said...

Welcome Back, Dr. Ken!

Are you going to write about all the full moons orbiting Chicago? And how they were eclipsed? :-)

Dr. Ken said...

Larken -- Why? Are you thinking of attending the next party in October? :-)
Thanks for the welcome!