Friday, July 1, 2011

Spankable Celebrities -- # 9

It occurs to me that I still haven't finished my Top 10 Celebrity Fantasy List. That's the one that often gets posted on the message boards--you know, "If you could spank or be spanked by a celebrity, which celebrity would you choose?" For me, there's too many lovely and charming actresses that I'd like to spank to choose just one, so I always list a Top 10.

This year I put some restrictions on my choices. They had to be living (no dead celebs like Marilyn Monroe, for example), and they couldn't be reality stars (no Kim Kardashian, in other words).

The first two picks were both ladies I'd selected before for my list--in fact, they've been on the list so often, they just may have taken up permanent residence there. Rather than just keep recycling previous selections, I decided that the rest of the list should be comprised of new faces (and new bottoms).

I got as far as number 8, and then, quite frankly, I got stuck. I thought I had the names for the last two spots, and then I changed my mind about them, and then I couldn't decide who to name. I could have gone back to some old, familiar selections, like Penelope Cruz or Salma Hayek (Salma is another one of those who could be issued a lifetime membership card to the list.)
But again, I rejected the idea, wanting to try and come up with somebody who hadn't made the list before.

I was watching late night TV when I finally figured out who should fill the Spankable Celebrities #9 slot. I'm surpised I didn't think of her sooner. Not only is she a good candidate, but she's one of the only names on the list that has actually been spanked on camera!

Spankable Celebrity #9 is Mary-Louise Parker.


Alan said...

Jennifer love hewett

Katarina Witt ( ice skater )

Chross said...

A good choice :)


Dr. Ken said...

Alan -- I assume those are two nominees from your list?

Chross -- I'm glad you approve.

Now that I look back on it, she seems like a pretty obvious choice. I'm surprised I didn't think of her sooner....

Lea said...

She's beautiful and often has a mischievous expression on her face. Good choice.

MyMask said...

I would love to spank Kaley Cuoco and Yvonne Strahovski. :)

Dr. Ken said...

MyMask -- Kaley (from "The Big Bang Theory") and Yvonne (from "Chuck") are both excellent choices. Kaley seems like she would be a lot of fun.