Friday, May 20, 2011

Liar, Liar

I don't like it when people lie to me. I'm just sayin'.......

I'm not talking about something like, "Why, no, there's no surprise birthday party for you tomorrow night." That, I can understand.

No, I'm talking about the big whoppers, the sort where you look me in the eye and flat-out tell me something that isn't true about important matters. I do not take kindly to bald-faced deception under those circumstances.

Maybe you think I can't handle it. Maybe you think you're sparing my feelings somehow by lying to me. You're wrong.

I can handle the truth. I may not be happy with what I hear, but eventually I'll work my way past it and be able to deal with it. The truth is better, pure and simple.

And as for "sparing my feelings" or not wanting to hurt me.........a noble sentiment, but just how hurt do you think I'm going to feel when I find out the truth? And the majority of the time, the truth does make itself known. Somehow or another, I find out.

And when I do.......there will be consequences. I'm just sayin'......


sixofthebest said...

I am presuming that if you catch a naughty woman telling you lies, sooner or later, you wish to take her over your knees, bare her bottom and spank her. Well that is what I would do. Would'nt you do the same.

Hermione said...

That naughty little fibber!

Interesting that she is wearing a lovely, wide leather belt too. Maybe it should be used on her bottom next.


Anonymous said...

I am right with you, not with the spanking thing but being lied to and lied about, loathe, hate it. I would be more than happy for liars to form a queue at your door for a spanking but you have to promise that it will be a super hard and downright mean one. Please.
Thank you :)

Dr. Ken said...

sixofthebest -- I believe that's the gist of the post, yes. Why repeat it?

Hermione -- I've always thought that there is a certain poetic justice in spanking the culprit with her own belt. And if she isn't weaing one--well, it's easier to pull her pants down.

Poppy -- I'll line up my nastiest hairbrushes if you can get them to queue up at my door (women only, please--you'll have to find somebody else to handly any lying men). And I promise you they won't soon forget the lesson they learn!
What are spanking friends for?