Friday, April 29, 2011

The Right Stuff

I was at a gathering of Spankos not too long ago. (Yes, Virginia, there occasionally is such a thing.)

There's something wonderfully freeing about being among a group of spanking enthusiasts. There's an automatic bond, since we all share a common interest in This Thing We Do. And for some people, just being able to say the word "spanking" out loud without having to worry about who hears you can be qujite a relief--not to mention a great deal of fun.

It's also a nice way to say "hi" to old friends, or some people you may have only had the chance to meet once or twice before, or meet somebody new. I had the opportunity to finally meet someone that I'd been exchanging e-mails with for a while. I'm happy to say that she was every bit as charming, cute and yes, as spankable as her messages seemed to indicate. I highly recommend gatherings like this to anyone who has some interest in spanking. Maybe it's a munch....maybe it's a party.....maybe it's something else. But if you're a spanko at heart, you need to get out and meet other spankos. You'll be glad you did.


I was standing in a small group. A very nice lady--a bottom-- next to me was verbally sparring with a gentleman who had just arrived, just in a joking manner. It was just good-natured fun. As he started to walk away, he made one final comment that I'm sorry to say I didn't hear, and the lady called out after him, saying, "I'll have you know I've worked hard to be this way!"

I put my hand gently on her shoulder and said, "In that case, you should probably be spanked hard, too."

Her response was a big smile as she excitedly clapped her hands together.

I don't know about you, but I'd call that, "having the right attitude"............


sixofthebest said...

Dr. Ken, I hope you had a 'spanking good time', with that ladies bare bottom. Yes, life can be most pleasureable at times. Would'nt you agree.

Dave Wolfe said...

Yes, and it's clear she was a big fan of well-timed wit!