Saturday, March 26, 2011

Catching Up On TV

I know I've mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: I watch a lot of TV.

I also record a lot of TV shows, but I don't always get around to watching them in a timely manner--usually because I'm watching something else. For example, I just recently got done watching the Season 1 and Season 2 DVDs of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. While I was doing that, though, my normal TV shows were piling up. Consequently, I think I'm only caught up to about Valentine's day, which puts me six weeks behind everybody else. It also means that anything I happen to see or hear, spanking-wise, has very likely already been reported on by myriad other blogs. Still, as an old advertising campaign once said, it's "new to me", so I'm going to tell you about it anyway. Who knows? You might have somehow missed it, too.

I came across this reference on the show, How I Met Your Mother, courtesy of the character Lily, played by the lovely Alyson Hannigan.

In this episode, Lily is sitting with her friends Ted, Barney and Robin at their favorite hangout. Lily's husband, Marshall, is back in Minnesota helping his Mom deal with things after the death of his Dad. Lily misses him, to put it mildly.

Ted is telling them about his new girlfriend. He explains that they're taking things slow, and announces that she invited him over to her place to bake cookies. The three friends all agree that "baking cookies" is just another way of saying, "booty call". Ted seems incredulous, and asks if they're sure that's what his girlfriend meant.

Lily replies (and just how much Lily misses Marshall becomes evident about halfway through her comment), "Are you kidding? You're in the kitchen, it's getting hot, you start licking stuff off each other's fingers, before you know it she's bent over the marble island and you're spanking her with a rubber spatula and she's screaming, 'Stop, Marshall, stop', but that's just code for 'Harder!'"

There's an awkward pause as Lily catches her breath and then Ted says, "Marshall's been gone a long time, hasn't he?"

Lily's reply is a heartfelt, "So long......."

Besides being funny, I was glad to see this because way back in the first season of the show--the very first episode, for that matter--Lily had made a reference to Marshall's being reluctant to spank her as hard as she liked. I'm glad to see the writers haven't forgotten about that. Hopefully, they'll remember it come future episodes!

And it's nice to know that Marshall is just another Spanko from Minnesota.


Season said...

I loved that episode, too! Marshall may be a Minnesota Spanko but you are THE Minnesota Spanko, Dr. Ken (says this Minnesota Spankette).

Dave Wolfe said...

Thanks, Doc! Yep, Lily has made a few spanking remarks-- including one to the cab driver she and Marshall had, who then asked them for more details!

Alyson Hannigan also made a spanking remark or three in "Buffy!" I wonder if she's just reading good, funny lines, or if she also enjoys some good spankin'? Beats doing things with a musical instrument at band camp!

Pink said...

I absolutely love that show, and not just for the numerous spanking references. (Robin, "I'm a dirty, dirty girl." *Smack*)

I am certain there is a spanko among the writers.