Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Working On The Blog Roll

Okay, it's time for a multiple choice question.

Take a look at the pictures below. What do the ladies in each of the photos have in common?

A: They're all severely underdressed.

B: They're all overdue for a good spanking.

C: Honestly , Officer, I've never seen them before in my life.

D: All of the above.

The correct answer is D: All of the above, although personally I was secretly hoping for B. And oddly enough, the only reason I was pulling for B is because it really exemplifies the theme that's going to be running through this post--things that are overdue.

Specifically, the blog roll.

During the course of 2011, I really plan to go through the list of blogs I have and clean it up--fix links if I can, delete blogs that haven't updated in a long time, and--of course--add new finds when I can. I started to do this at one point a year ago--possibly longer--and somehow my good intentions fell by the wayside. I'm not setting myself any deadline for doing this--I may still be at it by the time we celebrate 2012. But it WILL get done.

Now, having said that, I'm happy to announce three additions to the blog roll. And the first one is certainly long overdue.

I have a little section of "Favorite Places" on the toolbar that runs across the top of my computer screen. I refer to that when I want to go visit other blogs or web sites. I seldom actually go to my blog and select from the blog list there. What has happened more than once in the past, however, is that by using the "favorites" section to get around, I forget to add some excellent sites to the blog roll here on Spanking Minnesota. Several times I've fooled myself into believing that something was already on the roll when it really wasn't. And that's what happened with this first blog.

So--it's not a new blog, but it's certainly a good one, and it's place on the blog roll is long overdue. So as of today, I've added Spanked Hortic to the list.

The second blog is The Pink Report. How does that fit in with the theme? Well, let's just say that the lovely author of the blog is probably "overdue" in more ways than one. :-) But it's another wonderful blog that deserves your attention, and I'm happy to provide a link for it here.
The last blog doesn't really fit the theme, but I'm happy to add it, anyway. Ever since the wonderful artist Endart retired, I've wondered who would come along and fill those spanking illustration shoes. I really think the answer might be Dave Wolfe, the wonderful artist of "Wolfietoons" and whose work can also be seen at Discipline and Desire. (In fact, I should add them to the roll, too.) Dave's depictions of This Thing We Do are well crafted and done with a sense of humor, both of which remind me of the best of Endart's work.

So, there are the three newest members of my blog roll. If you're not familiar with them, please visit their blogs and check them out. And if you're already a fan of their writing, now you can get there from here.


Michael said...

Hey Dr. Ken. Three excellent additions to your Blogroll. Spanked Hortic run by Prefectd is insightful and witty, and I totally agree that Miss Pink of The Pink Report is long overdue. ;)

But you must put a disclaimer on Dave Wolfe's blog that it may be dangerous to your health as he will have you bust a gut either from laughing so hard or groaning at his puns. Love ya, Wolfie. But you should have the same disclaimer, Doc, as your site keeps us in stitches too. Keep it up. :)

Hermione said...

Those blogs are on my "must visit" list, and I visit them regularly.


sixofthebest said...

On this occasion, I must heartily agree with you Dr. Ken. Your 3 selections that you have added to your blog list are certainly worth viewing. I especially like Wolfe's art work. Befitting a Rembrandt, Picasso, or Norman Rockwell. Would'nt you say?

Dave Wolfe said...

Holey socks-- my blushes!

Thanks very much for the praise, fellow bloggers; I'm proud to be in such company! And thanks very much, Dr. Ken, for including me on your spanktacular list!