Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spankable Celebrities -- # 7

It's time once again to add another name to my Top 10 Spankable Celebrities fantasy wishlist. (Bet you thought I'd forgotten about it, didn't you?)

When I started this list, I said there would be dead movie stars, and no so-called "reality" stars. However, I said nothing about singers.

And no, number 7 isn't Lady Gaga--although, considering the revealing nature of much of what she wears onstage, that's not a bad guess.

But no, Spankable Celebrity number 7 is the lovely and talented performer Katy Perry.

It should only take two pictures to convince you that Katy Perry belongs on this "Spankable" list. The first photo below is obviously shot on the set of the filming of her video for the song, "California Girls". And in the second photo, Katy unintentionally moons the audience when she slips onstage after a cake fight. If these pictures don't make your spanko motor start racing--check your pulse!

An on-stage cake fight? Someone should be spanked for that--and Katy is obviously displaying the right assets!

The words "Katy Perry" and "spanking" are, as has been reported elsewhere, clearly not strangers to each other. When Katy got married in India to Russell Brand, her friend Rihanna couldn't attend because of work commitments. When asked if she was upset about this, Katy first said she wasn't, then jokingly added that she bent Rihanna over and smacked her ass--and then forgave her and told her, "I love you, bitch!"

At least, I think she was joking. But maybe not. Check out the two photos below, first with Katy and Ke$ha, and then Katy and Eva Longoria.

At this point, you might be thinking, "Well, the first two pictures were great, but the rest of it makes it seem like Katy is more of a Top." However, consider the last photo--

Maybe Katy's a Switch?

In the long run, it doesn't matter. This is just a Fantasy Top Ten list, after all, and I think Katy has definitely earned her spot on it.

I don't necessarily wish that they all could be "California Girls", but I certainly wish they all could be as fun-loving and spank-happy as Katy Perry!


Dave Wolfe said...

As an unhip older guy, I didn't know Katy until I saw her interviewed by Katie Couric on CBS--then I really liked the girl, for a bunch of reasons!

And as you note here, she is indeed cute enough to spank!

Dr. Ken said...

Dave--You're not alone. I really wasn't that aware of her until the song "California Grils" came out last summer (or was it two summers ago). I'd heard her songs on the radio, but wasn't aware who the artist was. Now I'm a little better informed.
And yes, there are plenty of reasons to like her beyond her spankability!

Dave Wolfe said...

Oh, and congrats on making Chross's weekly list with this entry!!

Season said...

Congrats on being Chrossed, Dr. Ken!