Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spankable Celebrities -- #6

This isn't the post I was originally going to put it, but it suddenly became sort of "timely", so I decided to go with it.

Number Six on my fantasy list of Spankable Celebrities is Anne Hathaway.

This is the first time she's made the list. I blame myself for that. The first time I saw her was in The Princess Diaries, and I think that's the image that stuck with me and always whispered, "She's too young to be on the list."

It wasn't until the film Valentine's Day that I saw the light, so to speak. In her first scene in that film, she's in her bedroom, dressed and getting ready to leave for work. She jumps from one side of the bed to the other, and in the process, her somewhat long skirt flies up. It does so for only a nanosecond (thank heavens for the "pause" and "zoom" features on a DVR), but it was enough for me to take notice and go, "Hmmmmmm".

A screen capture from her latest film, Love and Other Drugs, was enough to make me include her on this list. Unfortunately, I believe the picture was "unauthorized" and was quickly taken down, so I can't show it to you here. I'm left with a couple of paparazzi shots--one of her goofing around on a beach, and the other the old reliable actress-in-a-bikini picture.

As for why her being picked for this list is timely, it was announced this week that Anne Hathaway had been cast to play Selena Kyle, aka Catwoman, in the next Batman movie. Anne Hathaway in a skintight leather outfit.........


Can you say, "Spank the naughty kitty?"


Hermione said...

Those pants are going to slip right off, she's so thin.


Dave Wolfe said...

Behold this "red carpet" pic of Anne Hathaway at The Internet Movie Database !

Makes me wonder if, at least for a shot or two, Anne's Selina will sport that long green dress with the slit up one leg Catwoman used to wear in the comics before Julie Newmar's-- well, it IS-- catsuit.

Nor do I have anything at all against catsuits. In fact, Im going to go Google Image catsuits right now.

Oh, and Hermione, I also have no problem whatsoever should Anne's jeans go slip-slidin' away.

Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--I think it might be a trick of the camera lens, or the angle. She doesn't seem that thin in the second photo.

Dave--just as long as she doesn't wear the goggles that were a part of Catwoman's costume in the later comics. I never have liked that look....
The slit skirt, I think, would be too old-fashioned. I'm hoping for something skintight and clingy--maybe with pants that are almost falling off.......