Friday, January 14, 2011

Radio Spanko Back On The Air

My favorite radio program to listen to while I'm at work (The Lori and Julia Show) on my favorite radio station in Minnesota (MyTalk 107.1 FM) was at it again on Thursday, January 13. I wish I could have recorded the segment, since there's no way I can recreate it from memory. The best I can do is paraphrase a lot and give you at least a taste of it.

First, let me give you a quick rundown of the participants.

Lori is the lady I've long suspected of being a secret Spanko. If anyone is going to bring up the subject or make a spanking reference, it's Lori. She tends to be the more uncensored of the group, the most likely to turn a conversation to sexual innuendo. Definitely the Wild Child of the program. She has no children of her own, but is married to one of Julia's brothers who had two children from a previous marriage.

Julia can be just as boisterous and raunchy, but often comes off as the more conservative of the two. I think because she has two boys of her own, she's mindful that part of their radio audience could be made up of mothers in cars with their children, so at times becomes very careful in regard to what she says and what directions she takes the conversation in. She usually says her boys don't listen to the show, but watches what she says just in case.

Donny is the producer of the show. He runs the board and handles the phone calls, along with participating in the on-air conversation. He provides the checks and balances, often responding when Lori gets a little inappropriate with, "Now, why'd you have to say that?" or, "You had to go there." Because he's the one who has to field the calls if listeners call in with complaints, I think he tries to head off any complaints by voicing protest for the audience, although in reality he probably isn't bothered by what's being said.

About 50 minutes into the first hour of the show, the conversation turned to the pending divorce between Kelsey Grammer and Camille Grammer. Allegedly, Camille has a sex tape of her and Kelsey, featuring Kelsey dressed in womens clothing, speaking in a baby-like voice, and saying, "Spank me, Mommy." Again, I stress the word allegedly. The feeling is that the tape will "go away" if Camille gets the monetary settlement she wants.

Lori got the ball rolling by asking Julia if she'd ever had a man ask her to do that--spank him while he called her mommy.

Julia didn't really answer the question, instead remarking that it was sort of a "creepy image", explaining that it falls outside of most people's normal experiences and most people aren't comfortable with anything that they view as not normal. Then she sai, "Let me turn the question on you. Have you ever done that?"

Lori replied, "Yes! But not the "mommy" part."

Donny chimed in with, "Oh, really?" and Lori affirmed it again, adding, "'Besides, a little spanking is good for you."

Donny started laughing and sounded incredulous as he repeated that statement, and Lori insisted, "Yes!", adding, "I'm not talking about turning them over your knee like a child."

(Note to Lori: ain't nothing wrong with that. It puts the bottom in an excellent position. Whether you're giving or receiving, try it sometime.)

She then tried to go on by saying, "There's nothing wrong with a good brisk......" She never finished the thought, probably taking a moment to try and think of how to say what she wanted without running into trouble with the radio bosses. She abandoned the sentence, and instead said, "It brings a nice rosy glow to........everything." And then she laughed.

Donny put on his producer hat at this point, probably thinking they'd gone far enough with the bit, and called them back to order by telling Lori to "Stop. Stop it."

Myself, I would have been perfectly happy to let them go on as long as they wanted. And I can't wait for "Radio Spanko" to make another appearance.


B'Man said...

That sounds funny. I will give them a listen. It looks like yesterday's show can be picked up on the 'net at MyTalk 107.1

Hermione said...

Darn those producers - always breaking up interesting conversations.

Good on, Dr. Ken!


Hermione said...

Yahoo! You got Chrossed!

Dr. Ken said...

B'Man--Yes, if you go to, you can download past episodes of the show. Look for "The Lori and Julia Show" of Jan. 13th. The conversation I mention starts at about the 50 minute mark of the first hour.

Hermione--That's why they get paid the big bucks, I expect--knowing when it's time to move on.
And "Yahoo", indeed! Thanks for the heads up!