Saturday, July 10, 2010


Break up Punished Brats!

Okay, I'm definitely kidding about that. They just seem to be everywhere. Not only do they still have one of the best sites around for spanking pictures and videos, but so many of the wonderful ladies who work with them have excellent spanking blogs, as well.

Naturally, one of the best is Amber "Pixie" Wells. But there are great blogs also from Beverly Bacci, Sarah Gregory, Lily Anna......and you can probably include Richard Windsor's blog to that list as well, since he's done a few shoots for PB.

Well, now there's a new kid on the blog.....and she also happens to have made a number of Punished Brats appearances. Her name is Juliet Valentina. If you're a fan of the PB site, I'm sure you remember her.

Well, okay, you probably remember her like this:

Lately, she's gone from blonde to brunette, so she looks more like this:

The name of her blog is Juliet's Time Out. I particularly get a kick out of the sub-heading, which declares that this is the place "Where Juliet sits down (if she can) to think about what she did....." That is just perfect!

The blog is brand-spanking new. It looks to follow the form of many of the other blogs I've mentioned--a mix of her personal and her professional life. You can, if you read carefully, even find out why she went from blonde to brunette.

I'm putting up a link in the blog roll. Please drop in to Juliet's blog and read what she has to say. Please leave a comment, and tell her Dr. Ken sent you.

(photo credit: Punished Brats)

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Dave said...

Juliet is just so totally, splendidly, delightfully dreamy, whether she's blonde, brunette, or cherry-red in the posterior region.