Saturday, July 24, 2010

Common Denominator

You may very well be asking, "What's up with all the wonderful old Nu-West photos?" The answer is, they all have something in common (and no, it's not the fact that "someone is getting spanked.")

No, the correct answer is that each lady is getting spanked with a hairbrush--identical brushes, in fact. And even more to the point, that's MY brush!

Now, I don't mean that I lent it to them and they then shot these photos. But way back in the day, Nu-West offered that brush for sale, along with their excellent magazines and photos and videos. (Sadly, I don't believe they offer this particular implement for sale anymore.) I bought one, and it's been my favorite implement to use ever since. (I think it's safe to say that any spankee that I used it on probably had a very different opinion of it.)

Ordinarily, I'm strictly someone who prefers to spank by hand. I've mentioned this before, but what the heck, I'll say it again. Whenever I go to Chicago for one of the Crimson Moon spanking parties, I always pack a leather paddle, a leather ruler strap, and that brush. And by the time the party is over, the odds are that they never got unpacked or used. Still, I figure it's nice to have them along--just in case. There is one lady that I do use it on--but she is the exception. Or maybe she's just exceptional. Or--more likely--both.

The brush is actually more of a clothesbrush, but I tend to refer to it as a "hairbrush" just because of the image and response it evokes. A hairbrush is the better known and more traditional implement, so calling it by that name will get a spankee's mind racing and bring about that feeling of anticipation and panic more so than telling her, "I'm getting the clothesbrush."

Of course, once she feels the impact, she starts to realize it doesn't matter what you call it. It packs a wallop and stings like the dickens!

The clothesbrush is a foot long, which makes it bigger than the normal hairbrush. Seven inches of that is handle--I find a longer handle enables me to control it better--and the remaining five inches is the oval head or striking surface. It's not very thick, and almost feels light. Don't be fooled by that, though. The most common comment I've heard from someone on the receiving end is, "My butt is on fire!", even though the spanking has been over for many minutes.

So, why did I bring the subject up?

Chicago Crimson Moon is hosting another one of their wonderful spanking parties next week. And yes, I'll be packing the brush up and bringing it along. If you're planning on going to the party and would like to see it, just ask me.

And any lady who would like to do more than just "see" it......well, I'm sure we can arrange for that, too.


Cheryl said...

Dr. Ken,

Those are some classic pics, no doubt. Even I'm familiar with them and I don't even like F/f in pics or videos.

I'm going to have some nice wood paddles at the party and they need to be tested. I know you aren't really a toy guy but one of them looks a little bit like a hairbrush. Could I interest you in taking a swing or two?


Dave said...

Very interesting post, as I've always wondered what the back story was on that large hairbrush seen in all the nu-west vintage pix and such.

I guess it's light, but caries a strong bite. Maybe I could try to find one on eBay.... :-)

Thank you Dr. Ken, and happy spankings!


Anonymous said...

I have one of those. Made in Korea. I have gotten some comments in the past as what that was. It is not much of a hairbrush, more of a clothes brush as you say.

My excuse is I use it for my beard and it polishes my hair more than brushes it.

Something you see in your post that you rarely see nowadways are the spanking models actually squirming.

I wish Ed Lee would put his collection of still back into his catalog. The picture quality is so much better than his videos and they make great screen savers.

Season said...

Congrats on being Chrossed, Dr. Ken! Although I maintain brushes are ONLY for getting lint off of clothing, grooming one's hair, or taking a vigorous bath. :-)

Dr. Ken said...

Cheryl--considering those pictures have been around for 20 to 30 years, I'm not surprised that you've seen them before!

And congratulations on selling out all the paddles you had at the vendors fair!

Dave--good luck with your eBay search. I don't know if you'll find one, but if you do, I think you'll be very happy with it!

Anonymous--yes, those are the ones. And I agree with you about the photos--maybe in a magazine format. I'm sure he could fill several volumes! So many of them are available on the web for free, though, that it may not be profitable for them.

Season--thanks for the Chross Alert! It's always great to see the blog turn up as one of his "Spankings of the Week".

And as far as your opinion on brushes goes, I think Michael might have a different view....

Adina Marie said...

I'm almost always happy to AVOID hairbrushes, but I did encounter some delightful leather implements this trip! WEG. Keep bringing the toy bag, Dr. Ken!


Dr. Ken said...

Adina Marie--For you, Adina....any time! Maybe I should start keeping the toy bag in the car....just in case....WEG