Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cause For Paws 2010

Everybody's favorite Pixie is at it again!

(photo courtesy of Amber "Pixie" Wells, photographer extraordinaire)

Pixie is once again turning to the Spanking community to launch her annual "Cause for Paws" compaign, a charity walk to raise money for the animal shelter where she volunteers her time. Last year, she raised around $3,000, and it's all due to the generosity of you, the readers. You can get all the details on her blog, Spanking Pixie. I have a link to it on the right side of the screen, under "Blogs I Read Daily". Once you get to her blog, there's a tab at the top of the screen labeled, "Cause For Paws 2010". Click on that and you should be able to find out everything you need to know.

The first two years that Pixie did this, she produced a spanking video to go along with it. Last year, she and Lily Anna each got spanked by hand and then took swats with a variety of implements. And they even took turns spanking each other.

This year will be no different. Once again there will be a video made, featuring Lily Anna and Pixie and possibly others. For every $200 raised, there will be one minute of spanking. Last time I looked, the donations totaled around $1,000. That's a five-minute spanking video right there. If they equal last year's amount, that would be a 15-minute video.

In addition to that, this year has some other features. There is an online auction being run by Richard Windsor on E-bay. Pixie donated items, such as clothing and implements and who knows what else for people to bid on.

Also, everybody who donates $25 or more will automatically be entered into a raffle to receive donated prizes, such as a 1-month membership to Punished Brats (if you already have a membership, this would become a free extension of the membership), a PB DVD, a Cause For Paws T-shirt signed by various members of the PB cast, and other items to be determined.

There are two ways you can donate. You can do it on-line through the Punished Brats store online, or you can send your donation by snail mail. Pixie supplies the address on her site. (If you don't want to be included in the raffle, just drop Pixie an e-mail if donating online, or include a note to that effect in your snail mail.)

To protect everyone's privacy, winners of raffle items will be identified only by their initials or screen name, as well as state/country, and will be notified privately by e-mail.

My thanks to everyone who has donated in the past, and I hope that--even in a tough economy--you can find it in your heart to donate again this year. We do it for the animals, because they can't do it for themselves.

I'll conclude as I've done in the past. If you're thinking, "Hey, I like Pixie as much as the next person, but why should I donate money to an animal shelter in her state? I don't live there!", the answer, of course, is you don't have to. Instead, I would urge you to donate to your local Humane Society or animal shelter or animal rescue instead. They all would appreciate the help.

Again, got to Pixie's blog for details, and thanks for taking the time to help!

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