Saturday, June 12, 2010

Snakes On A Stage

I think at this point I can say without fear of contradiction that the very lovely actress, Salma Hayek, does not like snakes.

(I should note at this point that there is absolutely no spanking in this post beyond the fact that Salma Hayek almost always has a spot on my fantasy list of "Celebrities I Would Love To Spank." Those looking strictly for spanking stuff could probably stop reading now and check out one of the blogs on my Blog Roll.)

A day or so ago, Salma, Maya Rudolph, and Maria Bello were on set doing a publicity interview for their new film, Grown Ups, for Extra TV. The three ladies were seated in director-style chairs with a body of water and lush green foliage in the background. Salma was in the middle, with Maria to her left and Maya to her right, and the interview sat in front of them.

Apparently, there was--quite literally--a snake in the grass nearby who decided to join them onstage. (There have been no reports as to what kind of snake it was.)

When Salma saw the snake, she immediately pulled her feet up--exposing quite a bit of very lovely leg in the process (hey, snake or no snake, I still notice that kind of thing). She not only climbed and stood on her chair--amid shouts of "Help me" and "Somebody do something", she stepped over to her right and started to climb onto Maya Rudolph's chair. For that matter, she may have been trying to climb Maya Rudolph! She finally wound up perched on the back of Maya's chair.

By the way, while the story tends to focus on Salma Hayek, it should be noted that Maria Bello reacted in pretty much the same way--jumped up in her chair, stepped over from her chair to Salma's chair, and then huddled up against Salms as close as possible. The only difference is that, at times, she seemed to be smiling and laughing. Possibly she saw the humor in the situation, or perhaps she's one of those people who respond with laughter in stressful situations.

The interviewer had bailed about the same time Salma freaked out, and some people--stagehands, assistants, who knows who--came on the stage to try and restore order. One person finally had to carry Salma off the stage, where they tried to calm her down.

If you're interested, you can see the video clip of this at And by this time, I imagine it can also be found on YouTube and other places. A search for "Salma Hayek snake scare" should do the trick.

Now, having said all that--here's where my suspicious little mind takes over.

Earlier this week, I was watching a show on E!, or maybe VH!--I honestly can't remember. It's one of those "list" shows--you know, "The 25 Sexiest Magazine Cover Models", or maybe, "The 25 Sexiest Short Actresses With Big Boobs"--you know the type.

Well, one of the people mentioned was Salma Hayek, and in a clip of an interview she did a while ago, she mentions how much she hates snakes. This was brought up in conjunction with the dance she did with a snake in Quentin Tarentino's, From Dusk Til Dawn. She said the snake felt cold and slimy against her skin, and if you remember the film, she wasn't wearing all that much. The entire time they were filming her dance, she said that she was thinking some very unkind thoughts about Quentin and George Clooney. The only good thing to come out of it was that she was able to use the movement of snake while she was holding it to help dictate the movement of the dance. She managed to concentrate on that and overcome her fear long enough for them to get the scene filmed. I'm sure the fact that the snake's handler was close by helped, too.

Anyway, that show with Salma talking about snakes airs early in the week--and then a few days later, a snake "somehow" manages to work it's way onto a stage where Salma is giving an interview? Smells fishy to me!

I think "someone"--heaven only knows who--saw the same show that I did and thought it would be "funny" to turn a snake loose. I've no idea how they pulled it off, of course, but the whole thing just seems to have happened too conveniently to be purely accidental. We'll probably never know the truth, though.

The late, great Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, would have gotten a chuckle out of the whole thing. While some snakes are certainly dangerous, they can be benificial to the environment, and some people even keep them as pets. Snakes can, in fact, be very friendly.

Okay, maybe a bit too friendly! Hey, guy--take her out to dinner first!


Celine said...

It DOES sound fishy, doesn't it? Hmmm...*strokes chin and contemplates* OMG about the bottom picture. That snake is really taking some liberties! *shudder* I'm with Salma, snakes are freaky. Celine

Dr. Ken said...

Celine--maybe snakes are just naturally kinky....