Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Remembering Cigi

The worst thing about getting older is the number of good friends you lose along the way.

This past Memorial Day weekend had a little more meaning for me, as my friend, Cigi--author of the blog, Cigi's World, a member of Chicago Crimson Moon, and someone I always enjoyed playing with and talking to--lost her battle with cancer and passed away.

The first time I saw Cigi, she was--surprise!--getting spanked. It was at a Crimson Moon party, and she had spent the time before the event writing on the CM message board, getting to know people, teasing and bratting up a storm, and getting I don't know how many people promising to tan her hide. I'm sure I was probably one of them. The bantering was all in good fun, of course--you never take the pre-party playful give and take that seriously. Still, I figured she would probably be a very busy lady at her first party.

I was a little dismayed, though, when I finally met her to find her getting spanked by one of the hardest spankers in the group. (It's usually wise for newcomers to start slowly with light to moderate play, since a party lasts 2 or 3 days.) I watched the play for a bit, then walked around to say hello to many of the other partygoers. When I got back to where Cigi was, the spanking was still going on! I remember thinking, "That selfish S.O.B. is going to wear her out before anyone else gets the chance to play with her." The thought did not make me happy. Let's be honest--that sort of spanking as a first experience could send many ladies sprinting for the exit, wondering "What the hell did I get myself into?" and vowing never to return.

I needn't have worried.

Cigi not only got through that first spanking, but gamely went on to the next one....and the next...and the next. A lot of people kept trying to tell her to slow down, that she had to learn to pace herself, give her bottom some recovery time. It's advice that she took to heart--at the next party. This was what she had been looking for, and she was going to make the most of it.

I never did wind up playing with her at that first party, but I did spend a very nice hour--along with another gentleman--talking to her, with her skirt up and panties down, as we rubbed her sore bottom to give her sort of a "forced" time out.

Rather than being turned off by that first experience, Cigi not only came back to subsequent parties--she brought her twin sister, Cheryl, along!

"The twins", as people often referred to them, were extremely popular. Many times I would see them at the start of the party, making promises to play, and then I'd barely see them again until the party was over. I can't begin to count the number of parties where we promised to play and then never managed to make it happen.

When it did happen, it was always a lot of fun. I remember the three of us going back to their room, I'd spank one while the other looked on, and the conversation would run throughout the course of the play. Then they'd change places, and I spanked the other one while the conversation continued. We'd talk about anything and everything, but mostly about the party and the other people, and later on, our blogs. Cigi had Cigi's World and Cheryl had started Positively Spanking. We called ourselves "blogging buddies". Those are happy memories.

One of the last times I played with Cigi was shortly after she had gone to the vendors fair at the party. She had purchased a lovely looking hairbrush, and she gave me the honor of being the first to use it on her bottom. It took all of two whacks before she decided that buying it was a mistake! Apparently, the lovely brush had a very nasty "bite" to it. (It should also probably come as no surprise that, even after that discovery, I still applied it for another half dozen swats or so. Hey, I wanted her to be sure of her assessment! That's just the kind of friend I am......)

The past couple of years have seen the spanking community lose some very good people--Vince, one of the people who founded and helped run Crimson Moon; Lyn, a lovely and delightful lady from Texas who, along with her husband, were very dear to me; and now Cigi. They are all missed.

When I heard of Cigi's passing, one thought immediately went through my mind: the bible says, "In my Father's house, there are many mansions". I feel certain that God, in his infinite wisdom, compassion and love, saw to it that Cigi got one with a woodshed attached.

Peace to you, Cigi.


sixofthebest said...

Yes, all of us are getting older, Yes, Cigi, and Taste of the Birch, were two of a kind, Beautiful people, Beautiful spanking enthusiasts. Yes we will miss them. But most of all we must continue their good works, for as long as we can.

Hermione said...

That was a lovely tribute to Cigi. I'm sure she's enjoying a celestial spanking as we speak.


radha said...

I agree with Hermione, that was a wonderful tribute. Peace to you Dr. Ken, sorry you are going through this loss.


Dr. Ken said...

Thanks, all! For a wonderful and loving tribute to Cigi, be sure to go to Cheryl's blog, "Positively Spanking". You really get a sense of Cigi and who she was.

Cheryl said...

Dear Ken,

Thank you so much for the very kind words about Cigi. She told me all about your aftercare at her first party. She got in a little over her head but I think that idiot who spanked her that first night knew he had probably met his match. She was just one of a kind. Although we were twins, I think God broke the mold when He made her. She didn't live too long, but did she ever cram a lot of LIVING into that short life.

Thanks again and, if I do end up coming to CM in July, I will take you up on one of those great hugs...a probably a spank or two.


Anonymous said...

Very sorry to hear about Cigi, and Cheryl, my deepest sympathies to you. Doc, very well done tribute. This is a great loss to all of us.


Michael said...

So sad to lose such a beautiful person. Cigi will be missed. Thank you for the wonderful tribute, Dr. Ken.

Iris said...

Oh Ken, what a beautiful tribute. We have lost a lot of special people recently and Cigi will most assuredly be missed. Hugs to you.